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Hempmasters.com is for sure an interesting place and could be said to be a HEAD-SHOP. Look at this, they say "Hempmasters.com is home of Hemp Masters Ancient Hippie Secrets for Knotting Hip Hemp Jewelry", and then they go on to say that as well as being able to get the knotting guide, you can also get the book "Drug War Addiction" which is about America's #1 Policy Disaster, The War on Drugs. Now we can go on about America's Policy Disasters, - I mean, the Foreign Policy isn't that good is it really?, but we're drifting off the subject here, so let's get back to Hempmasters.com who say "Also we carry Hemp Apparel and Accessories, which is An Exclusive line of Hemp Apparel & Accessories from ecolution". Well I'm not sure that reads quite right, but not to worry. And then to finish off with... "Also our complete line of Detoxify Products for Random Drug Testing. We carry carbo-drinks, urineluck, quick-fizz tablets, powdered urine, and many other fine products". So, if you would like to see some of this...

LINK HERE TO GO TO THE PLACE! (with cookies?)

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