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Chargrilled T-Shirts

Some of the coolest t-shirts around can be found at Chargrilled T-Shirts. Design your own or get one of the pre-designed shirts.

Chargrilled T-Shirts:

"Go there, do it, buy the t-shirt; that's the CharGrilled motto.

CharGrilled strives to provide something different, something fresh, something novel. All the t-shirts are designed to be fun and entertaining, quirky and unique while the products and services are always of the highest quality and competitively priced.

What we to strive to provide customers with:

- Something different, a bit fresh and novel, no boring stuff.

- Having fun, keeping everyone entertained and being relaxed about fun.

- Ease of use, keeping things simple so everyone can use us.

- Continual improvement, listening to suggestions and complaints in order to move forward.

- Providing high quality goods and services.

- Excellent customer service, our whole ethic revolved around our customers. Our customers pay our wages. No customers = No wages.

Value for money, always providing competitive products/services.

Keeping it small, not just exhaust ourselves on boring products, staying a bit quirky.

No small print, where we can include what we can in the price and remove hidden costs.

CharGrilled offer free worldwide postage".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Chargrilled T-Shirts

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