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Design Your Own Outfits

It's true; you can design your own clothes. The thin end of this is to design your own t-shirt, but there's a much bigger matter in the fact that you can be the designer of your own fashion. New worlds of opportunityFreedom of self-expression in fashion is possible. Quite quickly you find how conformist the normal fashion is, Green hair?as you're very soon outside of that, once you start creating your own designs. You may have noticed Zyra has been into this for a long time, and so you see a variety off interesting appearances at the photo gallery. However, you can design things your own way, and produce results which are individualist to yourself. The engineering of the design doesn't have to be complicated, as you can start off with clothes that you've bought and then modify them. It can experimental, and you'll find out what works Zyra's modified shoesand what doesn't, aesthetically and structurally. It is surprising what's possible, when you put your mind to it.

This is on top of the fact that you can mix-and-match styles from places. In alternative markets, you will do it yourself outfitoften see people who have created their own look by combining different styles.

We're on the lookout for places that create custom made outfits according to the customer's specifications. We had such a place listed on this site, but it's moved. Still, I'm sure there are custom outfit makers who'd be keen to be on here.

During the credit crunch (2009), John Lewis reported increased sales of sewing machines, a fact which has been interpreted by some pundits as a resurgence of the "Make-Do and Mend" philosophy. Sewing machines are also a means to make your own clothes if you're adventurous.