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Interesting feet

Zyra's size 11 feet (size 12 US), being shown off in these unusual shoes (modified trainers). Whilst this seems crazy, it's not as silly as it sounds. If you've got interesting coloured nailvarnish and some weird toe-rings, it would be a shame to hide them. But sandals are sometimes a problem because there is not enough traction and aren't all-action! So, some cunning design is required. The result: Trainers with the toe ends carefully cut away. The ends are not just crudely lopped-off, but carefully cut in such a way that all the toes are visible. So, it's possible to show off the toes, and also to be able to run at some speed!

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Walk TallIf you have big feet, bigger than Zyra's size11 feet, you might be interested to know that you can get shoes in size 12 to 19 at Walk Tall. Then again, if you have feet that big, you are probably taller than 5ft 6in!

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