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Continued from page1. Well the set of weird modelling shots increased to the point where it was taking too long to load on a 28800 modem! So, extra pages have had to be created! There is some overlap...

Zyra communicating with the wider universeNow what's this? What's going on here? Looks like a cunning bit of cut&paste, but it isn't! This picture (link here or on the picture to see a high-resolution version) is an unmodified picture of Zyra standing in the middle of a 50ft diameter Nato Scatter-Station parabolic dish! Anyone interested in buying a second-hand high-gain propagation dish? There are four of these. They'd make an excellent radio astronomy observatory.

The front page picture from Issue49. The GLEAM pictureConsiderable work having been done on the industrial landscape in the background, making the character appear even brighter in the foreground.

Who lives in a hairdo like this?Real colour, the only modification to the shot being the removal of an overhead cable and other items in the background. Link here or on the photo to see a higher resolution of the picture.


I Thought The Year 2000 Would Have Been Better Than This!This is the picture "I Thought The Year 2000 Would Have Been Better Than This!". Take a look at the high-res version by linking here or on the picture.

Select here for a higher-res view of the Millennium-Safe CandleThe MILLENNIUM SAFE CANDLE. See this in higher resolution by linking here or on the picture.

For those who feel ALL AT SEAFor those who feel "ALL AT SEA" on the Internet. To see the picture in higher-resolution and/or to find out more about this, link here or on the picture.

Click here to see a larger resolution picture




From page picture from Issue38Even now the modelling shots section has been made into two pages, the pictures are still taking too long to load, What do you think? Maybe it should be extended onto even more pages?

Front picture from Issue48 CircularFront picture from Issue57Most of the pictures on this page have been part of the front page of the site at some time and/or part of the unusual newsletter which is Zyra's Circular, a publication which you are welcome to sign up to!

Unorthodox SwimwearZyra can also handle HTML

Camouflage - the perfect disguise

Zyra's modified shoesZyraNew pictures? The site is expanding all the time! It's always a bit out-of-the-ordinary and unconventional.

Two pages were not sufficient to display the photographs which were already on this site, so an additional page was added: photo gallery page 3