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A weird picture

Here's a high-res picture in which various weird things are going on, and I'm sure some people are going to suppose it's symbolic of all sorts of stuff, but... If you feel All At Sea on the Internet, you can bookmark Zyra's site, as there is a lot of helpful stuff on the site about HOW TO do various Internetish things. The picture could have been cryptically called "It Takes Skill to do this!", because it is the construction of Net-Stuff that takes skill. If you'd like a website constructing, it's worth looking at Zyra Internet, and if you're paying too much for your phone calls, there are links such as LineOne SurfTime which are worth a look. However, although Zyra is SHOWING OFF, the message really is "YOU TOO CAN DO THIS"! Also see Interesting FASHION Links

This page was http://website.lineone.net/~zyra/go3c.htm and is now www.zyra.tv/go3c.htm