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The photographic category including items related to photography.

Also see Photography Gallery , Webcams , Online Photo Services , Film-making , Video/DVD , Photographic Equipment

Photo archives: The New York Times Store

Eyestorm - explore, discover, and buy Contemporary art and photography

Kodak USA - Founded by George Eastman in 1888.

Kodak UK - Kodak in Hemel Hempstead, England.

Shutter Stock - Royalty-free images

Foto Sense - Digital Photographic Equipment

Canvas Lifestyle - Creating your own photographic art

Truprint: Great value and fantastic quality prints from your digital and film camera direct to your door. The UK's favourite mail order photo processor. Truprint is the most popular mail order photo processor in the UK. Based in Devon (England) but part of District Photo (USA) that operates the leading mail order brands in the US, Canada as well as the UK, making Truprint part of the largest mail order photo processor in the world! With the launch of its new site, Truprint is now taking major steps to also become UK’s favourite online digital and film processor. Truprint’s competitive edge in this venue is derived from years of experience and the qualities closely associated with the Truprint brand: dependable service, high quality Kodak photo prints, and great value.

The market leader in Royalty Free photography - Image Source

Snapfish 2005/06: "Snapfish is the fastest growing online photo service, with nine million members and more than 250 million photos online. We have been rated the number one online photo service in surveys from PC Data and received top quality ratings from Popular Photography and Yahoo! Internet Life. Snapfish enables digital camera owners to share, print and store their favorite photo memories at low prices. ...Kodak prints from digital cameras for every day low price of £0.12 each. FREE online photo sharing, unlimited online photo storage, free photo editing tools, access to photos from wireless phones, custom photo gifts, cards & more. Plus, each new users will receive their first 20 digital prints FREE. Also, be on the look out for other special offers and promotions".

ASDA Photographic Services
Various online photographic services associated with the famous supermarket ASDA include putting your images onto mugs, storing photos online, and creating prints for a reasonable price.

My Pixmania
Online photo service from Pixmania - My Pixmania. There is photo development, customised objects and textile products. It's amazing where your face can appear!

Interactive photography! Z360

Art Noir et Blanc: Photoset

Rambling Dog Photography
James Cooper's photographic art site in which pictures give a cultural or artistic feeling of that which is seen
- http://www.ramblingdogphotography.com/ has too many broken links.

Photographic Equipment



Snap Mad

Real Memories

Digital Pickle

Look A Look Photo Book

Exposure Photographics

Glenhirst Photography
Professional photography services in Lincolnshire. Even passport photographs can look good!

PhotoGuard - Insurance for Photographers

Photography by Bill - http://www.photographybybill.tk looks like it's cybersquatted

UK Photographs
A site of free galleries of photographic art work available to own
- was http://www.ukphotographs.com


Tassos Pasalis - b/w abstract-creative photographs - was http://www.geocities.com/photography_tassos - gone! Yet another site is lost because of Geocities?

Images of England

The DoubleTaker / CatCam

Just Pictures.dk Celebrity Photographs (in Dansk + English)

Science and Society Picture Library

Charity Slides Award-winning photographic slide services for charities and deserving causes worldwide - was www.charityslides.co.uk

Paul Cato Photography - wedding photos in the UK

Ged Lineham Photography - Landscape images are available for Stock, Advertising, Calendars and Greetings cards - was http://www.gedlinehamphotography.com/

Xytron Art Gallery - the hard disc drive rescuers are also into artistic visual images

StudentPhotographer.com (gone)The free online photography resource for photographers of all levels and advances together in a like minded environment to develop their photography.

Camera flying on Helium Balloons LOST - there is a reward on offer for recovery of it, even if it's smashed!

Munich Underground.de - gone - was http://www.munichunderground.de

Flash Photography of Landscapes and Flash Astrophotography

www.splits.co.uk (disappeared 2003/05)

Toastographs - thermal imaging of hot toast using fax paper

Kodak Express Camden, 75 High Street,
Camden, London NW1 7JL, Tel. +44 (0) 20 7387 9882
Fast Photo Printing, Location, press, wedding, and studio photographers available. Video Production. Web Site Design. Photo Restoration


Real Life Image.it

Jacobs Digital

R J Poole - photographic art - was http://www.rjpoole.com/

Getty Images - the Getty Images company is reviewed at this site, where caution prevails over hype

DIGITAL photography v FILM

Even some cut-price digital cameras such as the Mustek DV5300 are Linux compatible in the mode of a bulk storage device. Other helpful things to know about when choosing a digital camera can be seen mentioned in passing on the page about the Fuji FinePix.

Foto Search Image Library and Archives
Foto Search Image Library offers over 700 thousand images in its extensive online archive, including photography, clipart, illustrations, footage, and maps. It offers you the opportunity to view world-class photography and art free of charge. It is the digital, online equivalent of a conventional art museum. Browsing through the library is free, and there are no access charges, registration requirements, or usage limits.

When taking a photo, be aware of WHEN the camera actually takes the shot. Some digital cameras have a deceptive delay. See how to compensate for this to avoid unnecessary blurring of the image.

Photography Forum
Martin Stembridge writes: I am writing to let you know of a new Photography Forum I have started to help everybody from the seasoned Professional to the Amateur first picking up a camera. Covering Weddings, Landscapes, Macro and everything in between. We have monthly competitions, a trading post to sell all that surplus equipment we seem to collect, a section for just general chit chat and many many more fun and interesting areas.

Boots - the Chemist. Continuing in photography in the Digital Age.

Where can you get Film developed these days?

Photo restoration and photo modification: Zyra Artistic , Papa Digital , and Picture Perfect (was http://retouchers.topcities.com/index.htm ) , and now Photos Restored Online

Photographic Business - What to do in case of emergency: Photographers in a panic because their professional digital photographs are on a hard disc drive which has failed will be keen to know that there is a way of recovering lost data and getting the photos back by developing the disc drive in the lab. It's expensive but worth it. See Data Recovery Companies such as ESS Data Recovery and Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery