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(This has nothing to do with TradeDoubler at all, who are a reputable affiliate marketing company and nothing to do with taking photographs of cats, as far as we know)


Photographic system specially designed for taking photographs of CATS and other reactosensitive subjects.

If you've ever tried to use flash photography to take a shot of a cat, you'll know what I mean. What you get generally is a photograph of a cat, rather than what you might expect and/or hope for, ie a photograph of a cat being photographed using flash photography.

The problem is the reaction-time of the nervous system of a cat, which whilst quite short, is not less than zero. So, you get a photograph of what amounts to a cat just before you took the shot. Whereas what you might have hoped for was a photograph like in a cartoon with the fur all stuck out like a solar corona during an eclipse and with the eyes gleaming at you like something off a film of the darkest imagination.

Solution? The DOUBLETAKER CatCam camera system!

This ingenious system boasts a double flash unit, and takes perfect pictures of CATS (and other reactosensitive subjects) exactly as they are just AFTER the flash has gone off. Here's what happens, but as it happens quite quickly, the motion has been slowed down to make it more interesting:

  1. The photographer lines up the shot and presses the button.
  2. The FIRST flash unit goes off with a brilliant flash of light.
  3. The cat (or other reactosensitive ...etc) makes an optical observation of the going-off of the first flash and makes an instinctive and artistically-correct move, change of posture, perhaps a fluffing-up (in the case of it being a cat but we can't speak definitively for all reactosensitive subjects), and holds that posture for exactly the right amount of time before...
  4. The SECOND flash unit goes off, and at the same time the shutter of the camera opens and takes the photograph.
  5. The photographer feels a certain sense of achievement at having got a good shot, not just OF A CAT, but of what a cat would be supposed to look like being photographed using flash photography.

Special note: In line with good-practice in reactosensitive ethics, the writer does not condone any cruelty or unfairness, to cats or any other entities, and as a guideline for proper use it is declared that any subject of the use of this invention shall have the right to say whether any particular use was or was not fair.

To help give an incentive towards the creation of fun ideas, this invention is declared to be SHAREWARE, and if you'd like to make a voluntary contribution, please send what you think it's worth to: c/o Zyra, at the shareware office address. Cheques payable to Zyra Electric.

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