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Online Photo Services

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My Pixmania
Online photo service from Pixmania - My Pixmania. There is photo development, customised objects and textile products. It's amazing where your face can appear!

Polaroid Fotobar

Kodak USA

Kodak Shop UK


Snapfish - India

Photobloc - Photos put onto Canvas

Kodak EasyShare Gallery

Peanut Print

Pixum - welcome back!

Foto UK

My Photobook


Snap Mad

Fix and Frame

Direct Foto

Photos Restored Online

ACD Systems

Real Memories

Scan Cafe

Scan Digital


Kodak Photonet

ASDA Photographic Services
Various online photographic services associated with the famous supermarket ASDA include putting your images onto mugs, storing photos online, and creating prints for a reasonable price.


Fotango (awin)




Incidentally, the online photo service at Jessops is not part of the affiliate program (2005/05) although the camera equipment at Jessops is well featured here!

Circular115: "Photo developers have had to reinvent their line of business now that digital cameras have dispensed with the chemical process. So, what happens now is that instead of selecting whether you'd like postcard sized prints in matt or gloss, you can now decide whether you'd like your digital photo to be embossed onto a ceramic mug, made into a teddy-bear, or a jigsaw, or otherwise transmogrified into a variety of other intriguing incarnations".