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Preserve your old photos and memories by turning them into digital format at Scanapix. Don't worry though as your images remain secure.


"Photo Scanning - The Scanapix Difference

Secure - Scanapix does not ship your pictures overseas to have them scanned. Feel safe that your original photographs will not get lost forever on its way to another country.

Affordable - Scanapix charges you a quarter per picture for our photo scan services. There are absolutely no hidden charges or minimum quotas. Scan all of your photos at our incredible rate today.

Fast - Scanapix prides itself on its quick photo scan turnaround time. The current average turnaround from receiving the photos to shipping them out is two days. To further expedite the process, you can choose faster shipping to and from our offices.

Easy - Scanapix offers you an incredible hassle free experience. Simply place the order online, ship us the pictures, and we will put your photos onto digital files. We have taken out all of the complications so you can just enjoy sharing your printed memories.

Scanapix is a photo scanning service that provides exceptional service and quality while being affordable and timely. We take pride in our service and make every effort to provide the best experience to our customers".

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