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Kodak Shop UK
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Kodak Shop UK, we're delighted to add the UK program to this site as we've had the American program for some time. Here it is, see what you can find, there's films, cameras, accessories and much more.

Kodak Shop UK:

Kodak Shop UK"In 1889, the Eastman Photographic Materials Company, Limited, was incorporated in London, England, to handle distribution of Kodak products in countries outside the U.S. At first, all goods were manufactured in Rochester. Before long, the combined international and domestic demand outpaced plant resources.

Construction of a factory at Harrow, England -- just outside London -- was completed in 1891. By 1900, distribution outlets had been established in France, Germany, Italy, and other European countries. A Japanese outlet was under consideration, and construction of a factory in Canada was underway with the organization of Canadian Kodak Company, Limited.

Today, Kodak has manufacturing operations in North and South America, Europe, and Asia, and Kodak products are available in virtually every country across the globe.

History of Kodak in the UK

The US-based Eastman Kodak Company manages its global business on a regional basis. Kodak Limited in the UK, the largest overseas subsidiary, is part of the European, African and Middle Eastern Region.

Kodak Limited markets a wide range of imaging products and services and plays a leading role in developing and manufacturing new Kodak products for European and worldwide markets.

The Company's sales and marketing headquarters are located at Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. Its two manufacturing facilities are sited at Harrow in North-West London and Kirkby near Liverpool".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Kodak Shop UK

www.kodak.co.uk/shop affiliate program is with Commission Junction, Please note that this page is by an affiliate and is not to be confused with the official Kodak website. Sad though it may seem, the CJ affiliate program has expired, and Kodak haven't given us any news on any new affiliate program starting, so we'll just have to leave this page bunged up for now and suggest you type in the web address that's at the start of this paragraph, or go to Kodak UK via Kodak EasyShare Gallery