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The famous Kodak camera company is known worldwide and is now featured as Kodak USA, Kodak Europe, and Kodak Shop UK at Zyra's website alongside other Camera Companies and Online Photo Services. I would guess that you can visit Kodak and get to some of the worldwide camera opportunities, and we have promoted Kodak USA for a long time. Now there is some more good news as Kodak Shop UK is to join them in that success with the UK affiliate program at Commission Junction! Well that's cheered me up!

Other useful info: The web address of Kodak Photonet is http://www.kodak-uk.photonet.com and the address of Kodak is http://www.kodak.com . Also see Kodak Europe , Kodak USA , Kodak UK and Kodak EasyShare Gallery

Kodak Photo CD was a new format which some people might have thought would replace keeping-your-old-negatives (film). However, in 2010 it was revealed that Kodak Photo CDs are going to be "no longer readable". Therefore, if you have your old treasured photos on Kodak Photo CDs, you should get them transferred onto your computer's hard disc drive! Keep backups! Also see data recovery

Further to this posterity comment, Kodachrome film may need to be rescued. The glorious colours of Kodachrome are still there in the undeveloped films which you have inherited, and I believe can be recovered even if the film has been processed to black & white, provided (and this is important) you keep the originals!

To avoid confusion, please note that this page is not by Kodak, but is by an affiliate, and if you take a look at the web address you'll see the URL shows clearly it is at Zyra's affiliate website.