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Boots the Chemists - UK Health Supermarket

Boots - featured at Zyra's independent website

The following is, without prejudice, a review about Boots the Chemist. Zyra has been an affiliate of Boots the Chemist in the past during several periods as detailed. I think it's a nice review, and Boots should be glad that affiliates take the trouble to write about them!:

BOOTS - the well-known Chemist's shop, famous in the UK and throughout the world. Boots the Chemists was founded by Jesse Boot in the bygone days and has expanded to become the Health Supermarket, diversifying into cosmetics and beauty products, health and wellbeing products, nutrition supplements and advice, mother and baby essentials, photographic developing services, and even electricals and kitchen appliances. The main lines still centre around health, and you can find out more at Boots website

Chemists, pharmacists, they're clever people, and you expect them to think up the clever idea of diversification, so as well as selling medicines, pills and potions, and the odd surgical items, they start selling shampoo, and make-up, toothbrushes, and things that some people used to be shy about asking for. But BOOTS the Chemists have expanded into selling oodles of things, and have a great many BOOTS store branches around Britain. Boots Chemists have become in effect Boots Department Store, so there is in the average Boots shop a cosmetics department where you can sniff the fragrances before buying, whole racks of healthcare products, and a set of scales for weighing babies, alongside the whole paraphernalia which is important for baby care.

With the UK obsession with nutrition there is usually a vast range of nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, and various curious things such as St John's Wort.

Now with the Internet, Boots Chemists is out there on the Net, across the world, selling all manner of health-related items around the globe. But Internationally,Flowery logo now becomes a banner of a FLORIST! as the term "Boots" can be confused with something that you might wear on your feet, and the domain business is a funny business, Boots the Chemist were boots.co.uk but then decided to be called wellbeing.com, only later becoming boots.com and having a further reshuffle, but let's not worry about that! The point is that Boots Chemist has taken on so wide a remit as to become a GENERAL HEALTH AND ADVICE NETWORK, so the idea of it being to do with wellbeing generally was presumably the notion behind the variant naming. Anyway, we were linking to the place next, but first, here's a quote from Boots themselves: "Boots' Wellbeing.com is the UK's leading Health and Beauty website, with over 12,000 products, including a wide range of special offers, and Advantage card points on all sales. Wellbeing.com is the exclusive on-line outlet for many leading brands, including No7, 17, and Ruby & Millie cosmetics, Toni & Guy haircare, together with virtually all Boots' Xmas Gift range. In addition, we provide a wealth of information, advice and magazine style features".

Impressive, don't you think? Now comes the point where there WAS a link...No Boots Logo?No Boots Logo?

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

http://www.boots.com and http://www.wellbeing.com affiliate program is now with Affiliate Window. It was "Welcome Back!" but now it's changed to "I think they're being silly!".

This page was originally an affiliate page which promoted Boots the Chemist from 24th 2002 until 27th March 2006, with inclusion in the Shopping Portal. There was a gap after that, and it was unclear what reasons Boots could possibly have for wishing to be excluded from Zyra's website which did so well for places of the status of John Lewis, Debenhams, HMV, Laura Ashley, etc. I could speculate and make guesses about prejudice which a minority of Boots management might have, but it would be without substantiation, as they have never properly clarified the reasons.

Still, it is anyone's prerogative to miss out!

Later, Boots got a new affiliate program and it looked like they had turned over a new leaf. They accepted this site on their program, and Boots the Chemists were promoted here, including a "Welcome Back!" from 10th March 2009 until 15th January 2010, but then they seemed to go through a problematical patch again and someone in the management of Boots decided they didn't want Zyra's site on their affiliate program

Previously, I had complimented Boots on their re-acceptance, saying "Well Done to the Boots company for having an improved acceptance policy and for coming back to being good for business at this site! We hope that this good, amicable arrangement goes on to be good for many years to come!". However, now they've gone back to being (in my opinion) SILLY about it, it's difficult to know quite what to say without being rude.No Boots Logo?

Of course we will remove their logos and affiliate links as requested. However, the page will remain, as there is freedom of speech and companies do not have the right to silence freedom of speech about them!

Also, although it's not good news for Boots, it would be an ill wind that blew no-one any good, and in the case of the self-denial of Boots on this site, it's GOOD NEWS for all of the following places!:


Lloyds pharmacy


Holland and Barrett



Lloyds Pharmacy


Holland and Barrett


...and a great many other places featured at this site! Shops that sell cookware will be keen to fill the gap left by Boots, and then there's the baby stuff which is always a growing sector of the market! Plus there's the Beauty Products where the results are looking good.

If you still want to visit Boots the Chemists, you are welcome to type in the web address which is now http://www.boots.com and as it is their mistake in my opinion, and I have nothing against them, they'll be welcome back should they decide to be sensible again at some time in the future. With the credit crunch it may only be a matter of a change of staff somewhere, and the new people taking over might say "No wonder they were in shtuck! Look at the mistakes they made! They were missing out on some good affiliates!" and then we'll be back on their affiliate program. If that happened we'd be magnanimous about it and say "Welcome Back!" AGAIN. In the meantime, this page which is ABOUT Boots the Chemist is now bunged up and some alternatives are helpfully given.

To sum it up: I have no grudge against Boots the Chemist, but I think they are being silly to miss out on being on this website's affiliate portfolio.

In some small towns, in the UK, on a Saturday afternoon, in the early teens decade, Boots the Chemist was found to be the only chemists shop open that sold Build-Up liquid nutrition! Plus, they were giving away £5-off No7 Cosmetics vouchers.

Well Done to Boots and Chemist for ceasing to be a British company! They have now got themselves registered as Alliance Boots in Switzerland. Many of us are also plotting our escape from the UK. Squeak Splosh. Well Done to Boots the Chemists for any Tax Avoidance they have succeeded in! It makes me wonder, What have people got against them?

Tax Havens are Good