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Boots and Shoes (a variety of footwear places quite happy to be on this site. We prefer to advertise KINKY BOOTS rather than bovver boots)

Boots; as in The Chemists - Welcome Back! - or it least it WAS.

Dora the Explorer's monkey is also called "Boots"
This is all very well but comes up with some interesting results when doing searches for
Dora la Exploradora with results in Spanish and then putting the text through translation. Some of the results amusingly translate the name "Boots" as... "Dull".

To "Boot" a computer
Booting a
computer to start it up doesn't mean kicking it. It's from the term "Boot Loader" or "Bootstrap Loader", the idea being that you can "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps". Although the mechanical physics of this may look a bit doubtful in practice if you tried it, the notion has resulted in the computer terminology "BOOT", meaning "to start up". When a computer is first turned on, there are questions about it not necessarily having any software to start running by default. So, the computer is set up with a computerish instinct to start running the "bootstrap loader" rather than just standing there doing nothing. This, sometimes kept in the "boot sector" of the hard disc drive, then starts up whatever operating system you've set it up to run.

Das Boot
German for "The Boat" - a long-running famous drama about the voyages of a German U-boat in the Second World War. A tense submarine epic.

This page has to exist, because of the concept associative way this site Zyra.org.uk works! Note that BOOTS (as in items of sturdy footwear) pre-existed the chemist's shop.