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Linguaphone *

Tell Me More *

Eurolingua *

Linkword Languages *

Transparent Language *

TEFL England *

Inglés Sobre Ruedas - Un curso de Inglés en Español

Volunteer Travel * - If you would like to travel to parts of the globe and make a real difference teaching abroad, Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Rosetta Stone *
Company named after the famous Rosetta Stone

Online TEFL Course *

Learning Strategies * - languages, speed-reading, self-improvement courses

Learn Chinese at China Guide *


Systran x

Powerglide x

Babylon.com *

Auralog S.A. *

Rocket Spanish - learn Spanish course * - was http://www.rocketlanguages.com/spanish/premium/index.php?hop=zyra1 - lost because of the Clickbank Problem

Apertium - an open-source machine translation engine and toolbox

Teaching English as a Foreign Language * (awin)


Different Ways of Learning a Foreign Language

Martindale's Reference Desk: Language Centre (Gone! was http://www-sci.lib.uci.edu/HSG/Language.html )

Welsh Course and Lexicon

Freeware Dictionary Project

Babel Fish - named after something in H2G2

Google Translate

Duolingo - Grand aims, and I would sign up to that, as I am in the process of learning Spanish. But I don't agree to the Duolingo terms and conditions. According to their terms and conditions, you agree to the terms and conditions by just looking at the website, so that produces a paradox that in order to read the terms and conditions, you have already implicitly agreed to them, ie before you've even finished reading them. That is, therefore, a Shrinkwrapped Contract. Also, according to the terms and conditions, they can change the terms and conditions to anything, anytime, without telling you, and you automatically agree to them. Well, NO! I don't!

Carl Tashian's page "Lost In Translation" uses Babel Fish to translate text between English and several other languages consecutively. Results almost always hilarious!

Berlitz - the language phrase books are recommended.

Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems and language

Bubbles Translations
Bubbles Translations offers Professional Localisation and Translation Services, for a number of language couples

Central European Translation Services: Skrivanek.net

GEOS Oceania - English Language Colleges offer English courses in modern facilities in the Oceania region - Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa - was http://www.geos-oceania.com

Amadeus Translations - translation services for almost all languages

English Language Correct use of the apostrophe and also the matter of less or FEWER, and also Whilst, and then again there's also Compliment or Complement?

www.textra.fr - Legal and Technical Translations. Tel Paris 01 42 22 90 62 - is that +55 ?

Frédérique Métrot - Linguist

Casco Viejo Spanish School - also see Casco Viejo, Panama.

History of translation: The Rosetta Stone
Also see
Rosetta Stone language learning course named after the legendary Rosetta Stone which is iconic of language translation.

Online Language Translations.co.uk
Translation service providing the highest quality translation service in all languages across a wide spectrum of subjects

LookWAYup has a very large English dictionary with an integrated thesaurus. It corrects your spelling. It translates the correct sense of the word to German, French, Spanish, Dutch, or Portuguese, with much larger dictionary sizes than most online services. It can be put on browsers, mobile phones, and various wireless devices.

Russian Website Translation USA
Translation services in all major areas between the Russian and English languages. We offer technical, scientific, financial, legal, medical translations, website and software localization.

Subtitles or Dubbing - which is better? - foreign language films made understandable, preferably without ruining the original art.

Translation into Braille: www.lexikon-publishing.co.uk (Gone!)

www.translatorsbase.com - Translation Services Directory

FlameSoft - instant spoken translation

Kosmus - the Language School * - was http://www.kosmus.com/?hop=zyra1 - lost because of the Clickbank Problem

PS Translation - Based in Cambridge we offer a range of language translations services, both into and out of English. With over 40 years experience in the translation industry we are committed to providing excellent service at a cost effective price.

Russian Translation.ru - Russian translation by Pavel Protopopov - Professional Russian translation to/from English and French in business, science and technology.

Professional Spanish to English, English to Spanish Translation - International business consulting, translation, and interpreting firm.

Ginger Software - a writing tool to help you to improve your English. - was http://www.gingersoftware.com/grammar_checker/?affId=cb-zyra1&banid=cb-zyra1 - lost because of the Clickbank Problem

Day Translations - Global provider of language translation and interpreting services. At Day Translations, we can translate any type of document, of any size, to and from any language, and we can meet your deadline!

Roevin Technical Translations - was http://www.roevin.co.uk/translation/technical.asp - Roevin is a leading translations and interpreting company, providing an international translation service in over 60 languages in a range of technical fields, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, legal, financial and medical. We have exclusive access to a global network of linguists with specialist qualifications and skills in their native language.

Lingo24 Legal Translation Services - Legal translation doesn't need to be a bind - we have a wealth of experience in handling a challenging diversity of legal translation projects.

Satto Translations - Translation service provider. Specializing in web site translation, assisting companies to enter the Latin American marketplace and marketing the end product by submitting new translated project to regional South American search engines for indexing. - was www.satto.web.com.co - now www.satto.info

You can still read text even if the letters are mixed up?
Waht, eevn if the ltetres are cmoptleley mxied up? Yes! It's ture!

Word Finder

Paginas en Espanol - pages in Spanish at Zyra's website!

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