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China Guide

"China Guide provides hard-to-found products and services related to Chinese and Chinese culture, specialized in acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, kung fu, Chinese software, learning Chinese, entertaining and education CD/VCD, herbal supplements for diabetes, hepatitis, arthritis, baldness, obesity, skin care, hair extension, weight loss, allergy, infertility, cardiovascular diseases".

Some time ago this page linked to the website of China Guide with an affiliate program at Commission Junction, but this has now expired. I'd like to continue to expand the International cultural quality of this site, so if you know where the China Guide affiliate program has moved, please tell me. In the meantime, in the interests of freedom of information, I'll tell you that the web address of China Guide is http://www.china-guide.com and you're welcome to type it in. New on affiliate program? Please e-mail. Also see other pages of Travel, Language, Health, Software, DVD, etc.

http://www.china-guide.com affiliate program was with Commission Junction