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Esperanto is an international language. It is spoken by millions of people around the world, (generally as a second language). It's much easier to learn to speak Esperanto than most languages, having no irregular verbs, odd infinitives, etc. But it's more than a language - it's a philosophy. If you learn Esperanto you'll probably get to know a great many idealists who believe in Internationalism, a united world, and the general good of humanity.

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(Notice that Linguaphone isn't on this list! The reason is, according to someone at Linguaphone, that if everyone spoke Esperanto, then Linguaphone would be out of business!)

One of the things you may notice about Esperanto people around the world, is that they all speak the same language. Although this may seem obvious, it comes as a dawning when you reaslise it, as it's in contrast to the default position.