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Transparent Language

Learn a new language with Transparent Language. At the time of writing this page you could learn Haitian Creole for FREE, now that could come in handy!

Transparent Language:

"Transparent Language is a leading provider of best-practice language learning software for consumers, government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses.

Since 1991, Transparent Language has helped millions of individuals learn new languages quickly, easily, and effectively. More than 12,000 schools and universities, as well as top government language schools, such as the Foreign Service Institute and the Defense Language Institute use our products.Transparent Language


We strive to deliver extraordinarily effective and compelling language products. Some of our products are free. The rest are fairly priced. All are the best of their kind.


Our products are research-based and experience-driven. Among our millions of customers, we are honored that some of the largest and most expert language schools in the world license our products for use by all students, faculty and staff.

That is not only a hallmark of the quality of our deliverables; it lets us continually participate in and learn from expert experience".

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Transparent Language

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