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learning strategies corporation

Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies make and sell assorted self-improvement courses based around the idea of accelerated learning. This covers quite a range of products. You can get courses from them to learn Spanish, French, or German, and also to learn speed reading.

To find out more about these, or the range of other products and services provided by Learning Strategies, here's the link:

This is Where the Link was To Go To the Place!

http://www.learningstrategies.com/ affiliate program is with Commission Junction

The links seem no longer to be working, so are we to conclude that the affiliate program has ended and so this page needs to be bunged up? You may still put the web address in, and it worked last time I tried it (2010/08). Oh well, it's now been bunged up (2012/08). I wonder if Learning Strategies will have a new affiliate program soon?! That would be good! Still, there are other learning resources here, and in particular, language resources. There are some curious learning strategies on Ways to Learn a Foreign Language here in case you're interested. Good luck!