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ESS Data Recovery

ESS Data RecoveryThere is nothing more catastrophic than hard disc drive failure! However, help is at hand from the clever chaps at ESS Data Recovery. They are wizards at retrieving lost data with prices as low as $290 US* and if they fail save your data there's no charge - you can't say fairer than that!

ESS Data Recovery:

Experts in white coats!"ESS Data Recovery, Inc. started in Carbondale, Illinois in 1996 as Electronic Systems Services, which built and designed complex custom electronic systems for the scientific community. Eventually forecasting the need for data recovery services, we shifted our focus to designing systems for our own use in the data recovery service industry. Mainly servicing Universities and Government through word of mouth, Electronic Systems Services did not incorporate as ESS Data Recovery until 1999. At this time there were roughly a dozen data recovery companies in addition to ESS Data Recovery in the entire United States.

As demand increased, ESS Data Recovery moved from Carbondale, Illinois to metro east Saint Louis to better serve its base of clients in that area. Here we have built what we believe is one of the best high-tech data recovery labs in the World. Our scientific research in the field of data recovery is now used in 16 countries Worldwide. ESS Data Recovery has grown ever since its inception, with a network of more than 16,000 clients Worldwide. We believe this is because our level of service and attention to detail is second to none, and we will continually strive to become better. ESS Data Recovery, Inc. remains a privately owned US corporation".

NASAWhy choose ESS Data Recovery?

- Outstanding service [testimonials]

- Free 60GB portable drive for data return

- Recovery guarantee - we recover the files you need or no charge

- Online case status lookup for 24/7 status of your caseAmerican Airlines

- Federal standard 209E certified cl.100 clean-rooms

- Real quotes; we never charge for parts

- Extremely fast turnaround

- World-class patent-pending MediaSafe™ technology

- No evaluation fees

- On-line case set-up

- 100% confidentiality guaranteed

- Live web chatBrookhaven National Laboratories

- Several service options including 24/7 and on-site

- On-line status lookup

- Warranty-safe services

How do our services work?

Just 5 Easy Steps

1. Submit a case online.

2. We will assess your situation and recommend a service option.

3. You package and send your hard drive to the closest lab.

4. Our skilled Engineers perform a diagnosis and provide you with a comprehensive analysis.

5. We perform the recovery and return your valuable data on a free hard drive.

Customer feedback is our key to improvement, and for new clients it is a confirmation to our goodwill".IBM

There are a number of client testimonials to view online. Included in these are the following:

- Boeing


- American Airlines

- New York City Police Department

However, ESS also cater for smaller or individual clients and not purely large organisations, such as NASA!

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place! and has an independent affiliate program . Well Done to ESS Data! Look at this Portable USB Hard Disc Drive

*Information correct at time of publication 2006/04/19. Page last modified 2011/12