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People ADVERTISING fashion labels

How much does a person get paid for walking around in public with a fashion company name on a t-shirt?

Well-known fashion companies, well-known names, must surely be paying quite a lot of money to people for advertising them. It's a clever advertising idea by these fashion companies, getting people to walk around the streets wearing t-shirts with ADIDAS or CALVIN KLEIN etc on the front, like sandwichboardmen. Of course it would be expected that the companies must pay the people to do this. I won't say how much the people get paid, although it would be expected to be quite a lot. They wouldn't just do it because they were given the clothes free.

The mystery of the sandwichboardmen continues, because it's tricky to get any of the people wearing these advertisements on their clothes to admit how much they get paid for doing this personal advertising. Maybe they are sworn to secrecy and have to sign a contract. Intuitively, though, it must be quite good pay, after all, if you were going to walk around advertising a company and being seen advertising like that, you'd expect to be paid quite well!

Maybe the people are paid a percentage of the sales they attract. That would seem fair, as the more sales they attract, the more money they get paid.

OK, let's own up. This write-up isn't entirely serious, but it makes a point about the sandwichboard advertising and the fooling which goes on with fashion labels and brand names. Plus of course, people advertising on t-shirts do so because they are showing their philosophical support and belief in those whom they advertise.

However, there IS a situation where you can advertise and get paid commission on sales you attract to companies. It's a method called affiliate marketing, and it's how I get paid quite a lot of money. To find out more about this, see:

What is affiliate marketing?

and List of Affiliate Marketing Companies (bookmark this page!)

Special note: Even if you've got a lot of front, which you might guess I have, there is more room for advertising on a website than on a t-shirt!