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GearHead Cafe

If you own an American car and fancy a little automotive DIY then look no further than GearHead Cafe. There's all sorts of stuff on their site including t-shirts.

GearHead Cafe:

"We are the industry's No.1 supplier of 1909 and newer GM, Ford, and Chrysler Automotive Shop Manuals on CD-ROM!

Detroit Iron factory licensed OEM Shop Manuals on CD-ROM provide service and repair information covering 1909 and newer Ford, GM, and Chrysler cars and trucks, It takes just seconds to find repair procedures and information, now you have the ability simply print out the page or pages you need to complete the job.

Our factory licensed shop manual CD-ROMs are complete 'cover-to-cover' digital reproductions, duplicated directly from the original material that was printed and supplied to the dealer mechanics and repair shops. The CDs include all of the original text and illustrations with user-friendly menu navigation system complete with ZOOM and PRINT capabilities.

As you probably know, most often the 'big 3' auto manufacturers opted to print several books to cover all of the required information for any given year and model's repair procedures, Some of our CD-ROMs will contain up to 6 books for a fraction of the cost!

Finally, you can now have ALL of the necessary manuals for your make and model on 1 easy-to-use CD-ROM For 1 low price. Plus it's a great way to keep your rare collection of original paper manuals from getting ruined with greasy fingerprints. Car Club discounts available and 100% secure online ordering".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


GearHead Cafe

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