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Bathroom Wall

If you cannot find a t-shirt to suit your style at Bathroom Wall, you'd better give up your search and start wearing a collar and tie.

Bathroom Wall:

"With a range T-shirts that cover music, movies, comedy, culture, sport, cars, bikes and politics, BathroomWall has an appeal to a wide range of niche customers.

Music & Lyric T-shirts

Music inspired T-shirts are our speciality and the mainstay of our business. The music T-shirts at BathroomWall.co.uk fulfils the needs of the legions of T-shirt wearing music fans all over the world who want an alternative to the mainstream. If you are already selling mainstream music merchandise, BathroomWall gives you the chance to offer your audience a complementary product that attracts additional and alternative buyers, rather than taking them away from your existing programmes.

Sleazy Rock N’ Roll

The development of the ‘Sleazy Rock N’ Roll’ brand of T-shirts has attracted a fantastic following all over the world – from fans to bands to wannabes. Appealing to both die-hard music fans and those looking for the on-trend Rock Star look, Sleazy Rock N’ Roll is a great product that continues to grow.

Movies, Comedy & Culture

Not everyone that wears T-shirts is into music or wants to look like a rock star, which is why the Movies, Comedy & Culture T-shirts work so well. Again staying well away from clichéd slogans these T-shirts will find a great market amongst the more erudite customer. Anyone with a customer base with a high proportion of students is also sure to find plenty of interest.

Pet Dictators

If your customers have an eye for political humour that steers clear of the cynical, obvious or crass then Pet Dictators is always a winner. With the whole range recently overhauled Pet Dictators are finding a market amongst those looking for an alternative take on politically inspired fashion. 2009 promises to be a huge year for Pet Dictators".

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Bathroom Wall

http://www.bathroomwall.co.uk/ affiliate program is with Paid On Results. See, no Bathroom Tiles in sight!