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+ Plus Size Fashion +

If you'd like to look at what's available right now in Plus Size Fashion, you are welcome to visit the page of Plus Size Fashion, where a variety of different tastes are catered for in Plus Size. Those links are live, whereas the ones on this Ossuary page are not.

The pages are kept in case they should ever return to having an affiliate program. Let's hope they do. In the meantime, please visit Plus Size Fashion

E T Wright - have an impressive range of shoes in sizes and widths from 7AA – 17EEEE - Gents - European style

Wissota Trader - With sizes from 4 to 17, widths from AAAA to EEEEEE - USA

Faith Shoes - Up to a ladies size 9 - UK

Magic Bodyfashion UK - Sculpturing Lingerie

Feminine Plus - quality lingerie, that not only looks fabulous and feels wonderful but provides an exceptional fit, whatever your size.

Ann Harvey - designed exclusively for women with curves, offering high quality, contemporary clothes to flatter sizes 16-28.

Let's hope these places come back to having an affiliate program. If they do, they'll be moved across to the Plus Size Fashion page where all the live links are for Fashion that is Plus Size

Missed any? Please let us know