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What you need for the big day:

It's so Romantic! But it takes a lot of good planning to make sure the Wedding Event all goes well on the day, so here are some helpful things to know about, and some useful resources to help.

Wedding Rings
Jewellery and Jewellers

Wedding Cake
Resources include
Waitrose and hopefully other Food contacts here!

Always a must for weddings

Wedding Dress / Outfits
Can be formal/traditional, but don't have to be! It's your wedding, so it's up to you to choose your own style. We're going to add some wedding specific fashion contacts here.

Wedding Presents
Gifts and Fun Presents

Greeting Cards
(These should read "Congratulations!" and not "Deepest Sympathy"!)

(ecologically friendly for preference). Presumably available from the company called
Confetti as well as other suppliers. Registry offices can be very fussy about confetti because it makes such a mess and they like to be so tidy, so it's just as well they don't have the problem of Olivetti Confetti any more!

For example
Thorntons have a special Wedding Chocolates section!

Wedding Reception
party items , wine, food, and even magic tricks ! Some Hotels cater for wedding receptions quite well, and they are snazzy venues.

Car Hire
Hire a limousine for the day? Or some other choice form of ceremonial transport?

Yes well of course, it takes thinking about!

Wedding Photography
You could get a professional photographer, of you could get
photographic equipment and make sure your guests are snap happy and keen to take a lot of digital high-resolution photos and send them all to you on digital media! Make sure you keep backups or you might need data recovery services!

Wedding Vows
Religious, civil, customised? You define what you're going to promise and swear to now, in advance, rather than swear (about) later. A wedding ceremony can be customised to your own specifications. For example, there is a certain style to having a Pagan wedding procession parading through the streets with drums attracting a lot of attention!

Wedding Speeches
Unaccustomed as you are to public speaking, you should write your own speech! If you can't, however, you could get some potted speeches from Wedding Speeches 4U * - was http://weddingspeech4u.com/?hop=zyra1 - sadly lost because of the ClickBank Problem

Ceremonial Swords
Remember it is marriage not a divorce, and anyway, the two families are supposed to get on well with each other! But seriously, Toledo Swords offer "ceremonial swords for weddings".

Getting married can be an expensive business, and it's a good idea to get some special Wedding Insurance to cover the insurance risks on the day. Does your
home insurance cover the value of the wedding gifts? Some companies specifically mention weddings in the policy, for example Direct Line Home Insurance and Marks and Spencer Travel Insurance

Wedding Invitations
Printers? Custom / mass production services ? Business services ? We're working on that.

Having your marriage in an exotic location? Sounds a romantic idea, but how are the guests going to get there? But for the honeymoon... see

And now some useful contacts to know about...

Celebrations Plus
Wedding specialists - one of the top wedding businesses in the UK

To help you make your special day the perfect celebration with free planning tools, expert advice and forums, and the online shop has everything you could ever need.

Olivia Samuel
Bring you a beautiful wedding stationery collection that you can order and personalise online.

British Home Stores (bhs)
Wedding dresses, page boy outfits and much more!

Wedding Invitations UK
they make wedding invitations you know!

Wedding Plan
Wedding insurance!

Last Night Of Freedom
Hen and Stag ideas!

John Lewis
Famous for Weddings, Wedding Lists, bride and groom stuff, etc.

Light In The Box UK
Wedding dresses and a whole lot more!

Jon Richard
Design led jewellery

Bill and Ben the Cartoon Men
Funny character gifts!

Chloe Beck
Wedding favours and more!

Honey Tree Publishing
Bespoke Stationers

My Evening Dress
Bridesmaid dresses and more

The Edinburgh Wedding Company
Wedding gifts and more!

Marks and Spencer
I am guessing that Marks and Spencer was a place I noticed wedding cakes available!

Wedding Cards
Can you guess what they sell?

Planet Cards
Personalise your own invitations

The Card Gallery
Invitations and more!

Personalised Gift Ideas
To celebrate that special day!

Party Packs
Items for your hen night

In addition to being a supplier of delicious chocolate, Thorntons also have a special Wedding Service Section.

Wedding Favours

Cancer Research Wedding Favours
Remember a charity on your special day!

Chloe Beck
Wedding favours and more!

Need A Present
Unusual and quirky wedding gifts!

Online printing service

Boston Wedding Cars
in Lincolnshire

The following are Dead Links and form an ossuary. It's a list of places whose affiliate program is no longer here:

Waitrose Weddings
Waitrose Entertaining can arrange everything

With Love From
Engraved wedding gifts!

Marks and Spencer Wedding Insurance
Get covered, there's even counselling for the stressed out!

Wedding Delights
Everything to make your special day, that bit better!

Paper Mill Direct
Personalised Wedding Stationery!

Online Wedding Shop
Great news they ship worldwide!

Peony Direct
Artificial flower arrangements

King and Allen
A suit for the groom for that special day!

World Of Wedding Favours
Everything to make your wedding go smoothly!

Party 2 U
Lots of goodies for your special day!

Formally Yours
Hire menswear for your special day!

Optimal Print
Wedding invites, place settings and much more

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone, or been lost for one reason or another. I don't know how these places ended up divorced from their affiliate marketing companies!

Other related anecdote material: Confetti from computer output.

A MARRIAGE is an agreement between a set of people (usually two, but not always) to share their lives and responsibilities and to become "an item". It's a bit like setting up a company, where the company has a recognised status as an entity in itself. A marriage can be between any set of people (of any genders) provided they each agree. It's usual for a marriage to be publically announced, and it's usually recorded as a public record so there can be no argument about it later.

A matrimony agreement between partners is recognised by all countries in the world, at least all countries that would like their own country specific marriages to be recognised! So, for example, if Canada allows gay marriages, and the US refuses to recognise them as legal, Canada could refuse to accept ALL marriages made in the USA! Also, although the UK disapproves of Arabian polygamous marriages, it has to accept them, or else UK married couples might be declared to be "unmarried" when in Arabia.

Weddings may be religious, or not, according to the partners' preferences of beliefs. And, if a belief-set is involved, it may be a quite different one to that of the nation's state-enforced religion. Countries that try to enforce their religion on people often find travel arrangements are booked so the marriage can take place in a more libertarian place!

You can bookmark this page and come back to it when you need Baby Items!

Here at Zyra's website, which is an International resource about almost everything, it became increasingly apparent that this category about weddings and marriages was tending to have a transatlantic feel to it, with many of the merchants being specifically either UK or USA. So, in February 2012 the page was split into two, one for marriages in the United States and one for marriages in the United Kingdom. Of course it would have been expected that the page would have a need for weddings in the wider world, but at the time of splitting the page, there were 29 UK references and 19 US references, and none that didn't fit with either one or the other. Of course Zyra's website has a variety of other worldwide regions with some speciality, and there could come a future time where another marriages page is created, but for now we'll have just the two, USA and UK.

This version is the one for UK Weddings , the other being Bridal (USA)