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Roses Only of Australia - gift shop - Link temporarily removed as we are PENDING at DGM Australia. This is also on the page of Anything Australian

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Here is what the marketing company had to say, "This program is now closed on Affiliate Window. Despite our efforts to reconcile all transactions on this program, the merchant has left some transactions pending which will now be removed from the system" - Does that mean some affiliates won't get paid? We sincerely hope they sort this out properly!

Florists!? People giving each-other flowers? Surely that's an accepted part of tradition? You might think this would be unquestioned and never raise any controversy. However, there is a company that has contested the whole idea of flowers as gifts, and suggested that instead we give CHEESE!

If you'd like to read what they say, see the page: Don't send flowers; send CHEESE!

Collins Place Flower Shop ()a

Edith Wilmot Florists (Sadly, removed as they were unable to link to us - Even though they previously agreed to!)

Vive La Rose

The Urban Jungle - was www.theurbanjungle.biz

Only Florists

Simpsons Florists
- Simpsons Florists are one of Edinburgh's longest established quality flowershops. Based in Edinburgh Midlothian we supply quality flowers from our shop delivering to the UK and Worldwide.

Flowergram (aarc)

Eternity Florist.co.uk ()

Post-a-Rose ()

Good news about Interflora. There's now a dedicated Interflora page. A special WELCOME to Interflora! So, what's all that about? Well, in the early years, it used to be: "INTERFLORA would have been on here, but the contract was unacceptable. If I'm going to advertise a company, I insist on having the freedom of speech to write about the company (see example). In the case of Interflora, the writing of articles, reviews, critiques, personal testimonials, were prohibited. In fact, according to the contract, anyone even mentioning the word "Interflora" was dismissed from the affiliate program. Whilst we respect it's a trademark, Harry Potter is also a trademark, but the owners don't try to ban film critics mentioning the name!". Curious as it might seem, Interflora, one of the most famous florists in the world, was missing from this page and from proper content-based affiliate marketing in general, for years. However, this is all put behind us, as now there's been a reconsideration of the trademark policies of Interflora, and so now there is a much more reasonable policy and we welcome Interflora to good promotion at this site! Well Done to Interflora for resolving this!