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Get Flowers

There's no better way to say thank you, than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Order them online from the Get Flowers website.

Get Flowers:

"GetFlowers.com is a member of the major electronic floral networks such as Teleflora, Floral Source, and Florists Interlink.

Your order is processed through our website and then given to one of our 35,000 partner florists for local delivery.

We are one of the only online florists with no extra delivery fees and no extra charges.

The price shown on our website is the final price that you are charged (except for deliveries to RI which have 7% sales tax added).

Same day delivery is available at no extra cost, and satisfaction is guaranteed. We have made over 100,000 flower deliveries since we started in 2003".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link was here to go to the Place!

Get Flowers

http://www.getflowers.com affiliate program was with Click X Change but the link http://www.clickXchange.com/fr.phtml?act=452613.50 has disappeared and so this page has been bunged up. Let's hope Get Flowers will return and have a new affiliate program that we can sign up to.