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Blossom and Twigs

Take a look at a new and exciting internet florist - Blossom and Twigs. Their aim is to make sending flowers, an affordable luxury.

Blossom and Twigs:

"Blossom and Twigs is a new and exciting online florist founded by people who are passionate about flowers.

Between us, we have experience in all aspects of the business from production in a farm to selling online.

Together we will make flowers an affordable luxury.

Flowers are expensive in the UK. The alternatives are:

- Buying from supermarkets: Hardly a good choice when you want to make a statement or give someone a present that will stand out.

- Buying from a local florist: Generally they are very expensive as they they struggle to have purchase power.

- Buying from relay companies such as Interflora: They act as a network of florists who sign up in a particular area to be able to receive orders and can therefore deliver in different parts of the UK ( and other parts of the world). It is difficult to ensure quality control and prices tend to be high.

We have set up an online florist to be able to compete with all the above and offer what we think is a better alternative. We have an in-house top UK bouquet designer. We can deliver FREE OF CHARGE anywhere in the UK thanks to our courier system: FEDEX. And our prices are very competitive for the type of bouquet and quality of flowers we serve".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Blossom and Twigs

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