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Clare Florist

Would you trust a woman called Clare to deliver a gift to a loved one? If the answer is yes, visit Clare Florist and the gift of flowers will be sent!

Clare Florist:

"Whether you are looking for a personal way to Clare Floristexpress your affection for loved ones away from you, or make that first impression which will make that special someone smile in years to come, Clare Florist can provide just the right bouquet to get your message across.

Being a family owned business, we believe that sending flowers should be a pleasure. That is why we use only the very best graded flowers under strict quality controls, along with the most reliable next-day delivery service to create the most pleasant and smooth experience for you.

At Clare Florist, each order counts for us. Whether the order is large or small, customer satisfaction is our top priority, meaning that we are always dedicated to ensuring that our flowers arrive Clare Floriston time and in exceptional form every time.

Like our customers, we believe that top quality products and service should only be expected as norm.

What ultimately makes us unique, however, is the experience and expertise which our talented floral design team have accumulated from our past 29 years in the business. These attribute to the colourful inspirations which perfect our every bouquet, taking floral presentation into a whole new dimension which gives us the edge over our competitors".

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Clare Florist

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