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Tesco featured at Zyra's affiliate website

Famous high-street supermarket Tesco is branching out into electrical goods, entertainment, books, flowers, and wines. All of these can be accessed via the links at the end of this page. You can Visit Tesco and order goods to be delivered to your home address.Tesco

Tesco - Every Little Helps!

Here's what the people
at Tesco say about the company:

Tesco.com is an Internet version of your local Tesco supermarket, only much, much biggera Tesco supermarket! Because we are on the Internet, we can offer you more choice and more products than we could fit in a supermarket - and we will even deliver them to your door. You still enjoy all of the benefits of shopping in your local store with the highest quality products, the best service, and low prices - and yes, you still earn Clubcard points with every purchase. Tesco.com is operated by Tesco.com ltd, (registered company number 3942522) whose registered office is at Tesco House, Delamare Road, Cheshunt, Herts EN89SL


TradeDoubler, the affiliate-
marketing company says:

Tesco.com is the world's biggest online grocery retailer, but they also have a massive range of other non-grocery products available from their web site. The Electricals Store offers amazing value on over 1800 top products, from dishwashers to DVD players. Free delivery, free returns within 28 days, clubcard points on all purchases, an emergency delivery service on selected lines, and regular price checks to ensure the best value around! Tesco.com Electrical Store is operated by Tesco Home Shopping ltd. Registered address: Shipley Wharf, Wharf Street, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD17 7DW. Registered company no 3639975."

Now, with the branching-out into new lines of business and specialist areas we get some updates...

"Tesco.com is one of the UK's leading online retailers, catering for all your online shopping needs. Not only is Tesco.com the most successful online grocery retailer in the world, it also has a huge range of products on offer from the non-food warehouses:

And the creator of this site says:

Sounds good to me. It's good to see Zyra's website is well appreciated by well known highstreet names. Promotion of such places is good for business and helps to keep quality content online!

And now YOU have a look
and see what you have to say!:


The link was here to go to the place! (Tesco groceries delivered to your door)

Also see specialist categories at Tesco online:

Wines //// Books //// CDs / DVDs / video games

E.ON LogoFor your information the address for contacting Tesco head office is: Tesco Customer Service, PO Box 73, Baird Avenue, Dryburgh Industrial Estate, Dundee, DD1 9NF, UK

www.tesco.co.uk and www.tesco.com affiliate program is still with TradeDoubler andPowergen Logo the old link page is no longer needed now the Link Matrix has been introduced. Another notable name in the marketing of Tesco is Silvertap, one of the longest established affiliate companies. I hope Tesco will do the right thing and that fair play is seen regarding the situation with Tesco and Silvertap.. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Supermarkets page.

Tesco now have a special agreement with Powergen, or as they're now known, E.ON

There is the matter of the Price of Rice at Tesco and other interesting observations. Plus, if you buy online over a certain amount, you gain a ticket to get 5p/litre off your fuel.

Also, according to TV Ads for Tesco (2010/09), you can access your own personal shelves of supermarket items online. This is a new feature of the Tesco website, which you can visit here

Well Done to Tesco for improving their fish catching ethics! (2011/08) Yes they really are committed to looking after the marine environment!

Tesco carrier bags were found to be the poorest quality of any supermarket within reach in 2011. Shame! See supermarket bags comparison

The information published on this affiliate website is up to date last time it was updated, so if you find something has changed, please say!