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Tesco Value Car Insurance
previously featured at Zyra's affiliate website

A cheaper alternative to car insurance, found only online, it's Tesco Value Car Insurance. They've taken out the extras to offer you a cheaper deal.

Please note that this page is historical, not current. See note at end.

Tesco Value Car Insurance:

"Value Car Insurance from Tesco is a standard car insurance plan, which provides third party cover, cover against any accidental damage sustained on the road or through fire or theft, windscreen damage, and insurance for driving overseas.

Personal effects such as in-car stereo systems and other vehicular improvements are covered for damaged caused by fire, theft or any exterior factor.

Benefits include:

Comprehensive cover with some extras taken out to make it cheaper for you

Available online only

An affordable alternative to third party cover".

If you have been tempted by this, here WAS the link:

The Link WAS here to go to the place!

http://www.tescofinance.com/ affiliate program was with Affiliate Marketing but is now with Affiliate Window. I wonder what happened about Silvertap?

For a more comprehensive car insurance, you could previously also see Tesco Car Insurance

This page has been bunged up following the decision by Tesco Insurance to kick the affiliate off their affiliate program! This then leaves the page redirected so customers are invited to visit other car insurance instead!