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This is a polite way of saying that the affiliate has been expelled from the Tesco Finance affiliate program. The loss of Tesco Finance may seem surprising, but there is a particular reason for it. It was the decision of Tesco Financial that the affiliate should be expelled from their affiliate program because of saying things about Tesco. You can read the page in question, and decide for yourself what you think. The page is: Tesco and Silvertap! I wrote that page as a public warning to highlight the problem that what happened with Tesco and Silvertap was not fair!

In my opinion Tesco should have taken this on the chin, in a sportsmanlike manner, or at the very least they should have entered into diplomatic discussion, but instead they behaved in a way rather reminiscent of some of the authoritarian dictatorships, where no criticism is allowed.

I used to think that Tesco, for all their faults, were at least part of the modern world where commentary is allowed. I mean, imagine if Tesco were advertising in a newspaper and then a news reporter wrote in an editorial, something which Tesco didn't like. Would Tesco withdraw all their paid advertising from the newspaper?

What Tesco Financial have done sends a clear message to affiliates: "We won't have anyone on our affiliate program if they say anything bad about us".

Affiliates may consider then, which is worth more: their freedom of speech, or the commission which Tesco Financial might pay to them. My own stance on this may be towards the extremist end of the spectrum, but I consider freedom to be more valuable than life, and on such a scale the level of commission paid by Tesco Financial is at the cut-price reduced-to-clear end. I'm not saying this to criticise the level of commission paid by Tesco Financial. I'm simply putting it for comparison against the backdrop of other things, such as the previous time a company tried the "money v freedom" thing, and I abandoned them and their thirty six thousand pounds per year of commission, in favour of my own freedom of speech. A year later they were out-of-business.

Now here's a subtle idea for affiliates who wish to have BOTH their freedom of speech AND their membership of Tesco Financial affiliate programs: Join the Tesco Finance affiliate programs, and then at some later point, if you feel that Tesco are at fault in some way, write about it. Tesco are then at liberty to expel you.

For example, see Tesco at Toxic Drums (likely to be expanded to include Tesco Insurance).

I noticed at another affiliate marketing company that some of the charities have a curious set of rules where various things are banned. The list of forbidden things contains "Bin Laden" and "Tesco". Seeing Tesco on a list alongside Bin Laden may seem a bit strange, but evidently someone has decided in advance whom they wish to exclude! I also know affiliates who refuse to include Tesco Financial on the grounds that they are too much trouble for the amount of money they are likely to earn the affiliate.

None of these things change the fact that I have views about various things and will express those views if I so choose. I have my own ethics and code of chivalry on this. I don't humiliate the individual, but I DO write about big companies and point out both good and bad about them. Customers love this, and they know that the material is more trustworthy than if it were just hype and conventional advertising. Companies that have done especially well on this include British Telecom, Asda, Argos, etc. Notice how The Microsoft Store are happy to be on this site, on the affiliate program, even though I have some bad things to say about Microsoft and their software being inferior to Linux! Telecommunications giant BT have always done well here, and they seem to cope well with the shocking things I have said about them.

Question: Why does the affiliate say bad things about a company which they are promoting? Answer: Truth. It seems fair to say both good and bad things about a place, where those things are true. Admittedly, being paid or rewarded by a company may make the company appear in a rosier light, as can be seen at the pages of hard disc drive data recovery companies. However, my opinion of a company is not measured on a one-dimensional scale. Both good and bad appear concurrently.

Of course, bad deeds of a company win them no favours, and if a company mistreats an affiliate then the affiliate is likely to write about it! Doesn't it make you feel sorry for poor ol' More Than?! Live Nude Cats?! More likely they could not cope with the factual historical statement "More Than Used To Have A Credit Card". ... GOOD NEWS! More Than have improved their ways and are now back on this site! Whe-hey! See the NEW More Than !!!

By the way, seldom is a company beyond redemption. They may repent at some time, especially as corporate memory seems to be like a variant of the archetypal goldfish, but extends to about two years.

So anyway, Tesco Financial. Here's what is being done about them here, at this site:

Tesco Pet Insurance - page remains up, but is retasked. See instead Argos Pet Insurance , Debenhams Pet Insurance , Homebase Pet Insurance , and a great many other alternative Pet Insurance options at this site.

Tesco Car Insurance - page remains up, but is retasked. See instead Asda Car Insurance , Sainsbury's Car Insurance , The Co-op Motor Insurance , and a great many other alternative Car Insurance options at this site.

Tesco Value Car Insurance - page remains up, but is retasked. See instead some of the cheaper end of the market options which may be selected from the Car Insurance page.

Tesco Home Insurance - an especially large amount of work went into creating that page. So, this is reflected in the action following the loss of Tesco Finance from this site. The page remains up, and is retasked. See instead Sainsbury's Home Insurance , Asda Home Insurance , Churchill Home Insurance , Co-op Home Insurance , Marks and Spencer Home Insurance , and a great many other alternative Home Insurance options at this site.

Notice the theme; there are plenty of other famous supermarkets and department stores that have also branched out into selling insurance, but they haven't thrown their toys out of the pram when someone has pointed out the error of their ways.

Special note: Tesco Supermarket is still being promoted here. Although the place is not beyond criticism, and it gets warned-against in a way at the page advising How to Set Up and Run Your Own Company, I do not blame one part of the company for something that another part of the company has done. So, I see no reason to abandon it. This is not a boycott of Tesco, and I may still go shopping there. Some of the cut-price stuff on sale is, in my opinion, quite good value.

Although Tesco Supermarket does well here, and that's nice for people getting their groceries delivered, there is something which is rather more prosperous for the affiliate at Silvertap in the form of Brand Conversions, where Coral Casino does especially well!