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Co-op Motor Insurance

Co-op Motor Insurance

Get your car covered by the Co-op, with Co-op Motor insurance online. You'll even get a discount if you buy your policy via the Internet.

Co-op Motor Insurance:

"For customers the Co-operative car insurance policy includes a 10% discount if they purchase online.

Car Insurance can be complicated so the Co-operative have made it simple, does any other insurer offer a customer all this?

†Named driver No Claim Discount can only be granted from, and allocated to Co-operative Insurance motor car policies; terms and conditions apply.

††Courtesy car subject to availability when you use a Co-operative Insurance appointed repairer and only available on Comprehensive policies.

*According to research from Accountability and the National Consumer Council.

**Based on independent online research by Consumer Intelligence during 01 May 2007 to 31 May 2007. 10% of consumers achieve this saving with Co-operative Motor Insurance. CIS General Insurance Ltd. Registered in England 29999R, Miller Street, Manchester, England".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Co-op Motor Insurance

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We like the CO-OP and we know they are very good on matters of ethical practice. However, a strange thing happened when someone's van caught fire. The driver acted swiftly and managed to put the fire out despite considerable personal risk and some injury. Unfortunately this heroism was not well rewarded, as CO-OP Motor Insurance said that although the vehicle was insured for FIRE, the fire in question was not big enough (as it had been extinguished so quickly), so they refused to pay out. However they conceded that if the fire had been bigger and had engulfed a larger percentage of the vehicle then they would have paid in full. Now, don't you think this sends out a clear message to customers?: If you're insured with the CO-OP and your vehicle catches fire, you should let it burn! That way, the insurance company are happy to pay out. You could stand and watch it burn and record some movie footage. This is a pyromaniac's dream. It's an open invitation to pyromaniacs to insure with the CO-OP! Come on, you pyromaniacs out there, insure with the Co-op!