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Co-op Travel Credit Card
Actually it's the Co-operative Bank Travel Credit Card!*

Do you want extra discounts at Co-op Travelcare? If the answer is yes, you'd better take a look at the Co-op Travel Credit Card details below.

Co-op Travel Credit Card:

"Grab yourself a Travel Credit card...

And get 0% for 7 months and exclusive holiday rewards. With The Co-operative Bank Travel credit card not only do you get 0% on all purchases and balance transfers for 7 months* and an attractive standard rate thereafter - you also get a unique range of travel benefits, from free comprehensive travel insurance to discounts on holidays booked through Travelcare!*

What’s more, with a Co-operative Bank credit card you’re not the only one who benefits - we make a 1.25p donation to good causes and campaigning through our Customers Who Care scheme for every £100 you spend on your card.

*Terms and conditions apply

If you have been tempted by this, here WAS the link:

[The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!]

Co-op Travel Credit Card affiliate program was with OMG UK

Now let's be sensible about this. At Zyra's interesting affiliate website we have gone to the trouble of creating a nice page to help to advertise the Co-Op Bank Travel Credit Card and then suddenly, just before publication of Issue93, the Co-Op Travel Credit Card affiliate program vanished! It had hardly been live for a week! You know, we are in business for the long term view rather than splat advertising, so it seems a shame to have to bung up a good page before it's even had a chance to be online for a while and generate interest. So, to try to recover the usefulness of this page, you are welcome to visit alternatives such as the Co-op Advantage Platinum Card , the Co-op Clear Credit Card, and more general categories such as Finance, Travel, Credit Cards, and other Co-Op offers such as Co-op Loans and the Co-op Electrical Shop. This site continues to be good for business, especially in the long term, and there are some interesting famous names and shopping places listed here. Should the Co-Op Travel Credit Card return to have an affiliate program at OMG UK, this page will resume linking to the place!

Alternatively, you can take a look at the Co-op Think card

* Co-op Travel? Co-operative Bank Travel Credit Card? Yes, it's a long story, but in essence the term CO-OP TRAVEL is a trademark of Midcounties Co-op which is entirely distinct from Co-operative Travel. I would like to get the full story and write a page about it, and hopefully even join the actual Co-op Travel affiliate program as well, but I am waiting for some clarification from some of the companies involved.