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Argos Catalogue UK featured at Zyra's affiliate website

Argos.co.uk the famous Argos Catalogue Shop is said to be... "One of the most successful, most respected and most trusted retailers in the UK today. There's a fantastic range of over 8000 top quality, branded products to choose from, including furniture, electricals, toys, and leisure! At Argos there are some great value offersArgos UK delivery! And everything's now at even better value than before, with 1200 prices down on our last catalogue - and free delivery for orders over 100 pounds or more! Argos delivers to front doorsThere's also the famous Argos 16 day money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence! (some exclusions apply). Please note Argos only delivers within the UK".

There's always been something a little bit different about Argos, with the organisation of the shop having an unusual system. You choose what you want from the Argos Catalogue, and then request the staff to fetch it for you, and then you decide if you'd like to complete the transaction. This makes good sense as it saves shop space. It's been like the way of online Internet Shopping, since before the Internet.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link WAS Here to Go To Argos UK!
see last paragraph below for explanation why it's gone!

Argos.co.ukArgos.co.ukAlso see Argos Entertainment and Argos Pet Insurance

You can also see a Customer Testimonial
Plus, there's now another remarkable Argos Customer Testimonial here.

http:// www.argos.co.uk affiliate program is with Commission Junction. Also see the critique of the Argos Affiliate Program. Plus, Argos delivers to your door when you put in the order online.

Extra Note: The catalogue which was previously Argos Additions is now called Additions Direct and is no longer part of Argos. However, it is a fact that Homebase and Argos are part of the same group of companies!

It's a pity about the new logos, but never mind, eh? We've given up on trying to make the colour match and have gone on to having a cheerful-looking page instead! What do you think to the new Argos logos?

The Argos Aliens were a notable advertising feature of the Argos Xmas campaign 2011, promoting the good idea that people should avoid the Xmas jostling and elbowing of the Xmas shopping rush, and should order stuff online instead. Well Done! They've got that right! However, not so good about click and collect. It's far better still to get Argos to deliver to your home. Much better! Why turn out in the snow when Argos delivery drivers are paid to go out and do the delivering for you. Anyway, you're the customer, so how about getting the shop to deliver to you?Argos.co.ukArgos.co.uk

The Link WAS Here to Go To Argos UK!
see last paragraph below for explanation why it's gone!

Why has the affiliate link disappeared? Well, Argos have decided to suspend the affiliate. Despite the fact that Zyra was one of the best affiliates of Argos for a long while, the Argos marketing agency decided to suspend the affiliate because... "some of the pages don't put Argos in a very good light". Well, for example, there's a page about an Argos office chair. If you read it as if you're a corporate, well, maybe not. However, if you read it like a customer reading a customer testimonial, I think it puts Argos in a very good light! Admittedly it says the product isn't perfect, but that's not the point. The point is that the products sold by Argos are GOOD VALUE, and Argos are very good at customer service, and are often happy to exchange things that have gone wrong. I mean, look at this story about an electric blanket! It must have burnt out a dozen times and good old Argos swapped it. Well Done Argos!

In fact, I would guess that part of the reason the affiliate has done so spectacularly well over the years on the Argos affiliate program is BECAUSE of such pages. People are so sick of seeing hype and swish promotional stuff that they are drawn towards honest accounts like this where both good and bad are said about a place.

Now come on, Argos, let's restore the affiliate and get back to being GOOD FOR BUSINESS! I am not happy about the links going straight through and not being paid. We affiliates are not mugs, you know. I have been very patient and left the links up for over a month hoping this would be sorted out, but I do not intend to work for nothing long-term. So, sorry Argos, but as of Issue167 of this site, I am bunging up the links! There! Bunged up! I recommend Argos have some serious reconsideration, read the pages and think about this rationally, and then restore the affiliate. That is: Zyra, affiliate 742568, at Commission Junction.

In the meantime, customers, if you would like to visit Argos, you are welcome to put in the web address which is shown for public information here as: www.argos.co.uk

Or, if you would like to look at alternatives, there are plenty of other Shopping Catalogues here. In fact there's quite a helpful Shopping Portal at this site showing some other well known names. Note that not every company is lucky enough to get commentary about them. Ones that do include Asda , Iceland , Maplin , Wilko , Vonage , Barclays Offshore Bank Accounts , and most of the Data Recovery Companies

As a matter of truth and honest opinion, I believe that the affiliate program for Argos is flawed. Really Argos should be encouraging people to have stuff delivered to their homes, rather than expecting people to buy online and then traipse along to the shops to collect the stuff. "Click and Collect" is a disaster from an affiliate's perspective because affiliates are only paid a pittance rather than the modest percentage of the sale they get by a proper online sale.

"Click and Collect" might be alright for those Aliens on the adverts, but it's easy for them because they can hover their spaceship right over the Argos shop, teleport in and get the purchases, and take it all away that day. Most folk have to put up with the nightmare of parking, coping with the British weather, and carting the goods through the streets.

I like Argos, and I believe they should know better than to get things wrong like that.

While this page is excluded from the Argos affiliate program, I am redirecting traffic to La Redoute as a protest, because even though La Redoute is French, they still encourage customers in the UK to buy online and have goods delivered to their homes!

Also, until Argos mend their ways regarding this website's status being on their affiliate program, a large chunk of Argos affiliate traffic is going to be transferred to other affiliates, for example... www.stampdemon.co.uk/argos.htm

(Note: If/when the affiliate link is restored, this material will be archived off the page. The links on the Argos Catalogue page will also be reconnected somewhere sensible).

Plenty of other good shops at the shopping portal are still LIVE here. This site is good for business, and will continue to tell the truth about places. Customers have the good sense to respect that!