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Argos Catalogue

The Famous Shopping Catalogue of Argos
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The Argos Catalogue is a shopping catalogue by Argos. It's a book full of the products which are available at Argos, with their descriptions and prices. Originally the Argos Catalogue existed primarily as a physical book in large paperback form with a gummed spine and glossy pages. You could leaf through the Argos Catalogue and eye up the possibilities of the different stock lines and their different merits, and if you decided that something took your fancy Argosyou could then go and visit Argos , quote the stock line number, and those friendly people at the Argos shop would call their warehouse and have the items sent along a conveyor belt for you to inspect before deciding whether to make a purchase.

These days the Argos Catalogue has moved on, and now the early form which was made from treestuff has been supplanted by the Argos Online Catalogue. You can still leaf through it, but as the online Argos catalogue is made of computer data you don't need to worry so much about its paper recycling and ecological impact. Instead, you can visit the Argos Catalogue online at www.anrdoezrs.net/click-779027-5590799 (it's an affiliate link via CJ) and you can browse around, and if you decide something is for you, you can place an order. Argos will deliver to you provided you live in the UK. Argos UK deliveryAll items come with a guarantee which goes beyond the statutory requirements, as Argos would like to maintain their good reputation as a place that their customers are very fond of.

You can also visit a review page about Argos here, and there's also an Argos Customer Testimonial which speaks well of the place.

In my opinion, the best way to buy stuff from Argos is to place an order and have it delivered. I believe that "click and collect" is flawed, as you still have to traipse uptown to fetch the stuff yourself! Instead, it's far better to let Argos do the work and deliver to you!