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Argos Customer Testimonial

by Zyra, an Argos customer and affiliate

Now let's be honest about it, if you buy something from a shop it has a chance of failure. It isn't always the shop's fault. Argos!Some time ago I bought an electric overblanket from Argos, and it went wrong,so I took it back to Argos and they replaced it. Argos.co.ukSome months later the new blanket failed, and I took it back, and Argos replaced it with no argument. Over the past few years these electrical items have failed several times and every time Argos have replaced them with no hassle or fuss. In all, Argos have, to their credit, replaced that electric overblanket over a dozen times now! Well done to Argos! This has to be the best customer service product replacement service ever! What's more, as the price of that item has fluctuatedArgos.co.uk, I have received extra gift vouchers when it's gone down and no quibble when it's gone up! The staff at Argos are always nice about it, and only once has any member of staff looked at me a bit funny when I've taken the item back again for another refund.

So, from my own personal experience I can recommend Argos as a place you can buy from and have confidence that if anything goes wrong they'll be happy to sort it out. This is in contrast to some shops where customers have difficulty getting their money back or any kind of sensible replacement.

Argos.co.ukSo, Well Done to Argos!

Link: www.zyra.org.uk/argos.htm

Yes, it's true I'm an affiliate. I'll say both good and bad things about Argos, and other companies. You can take a look around my website and you'll see I tell it how it is. There are some companies, such as Sky TV, that have chucked me off their affiliate program because they didn't like what I said.