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As well a Argos Shopping Catalogue (UK) there are many diverse places also with the name Argos, around the world. Many different lines, a wide variety of apparently unassociated places, except for the fact that they have the same name. Associations with Ancient Greece, including such ideas as Jason and the Argonauts / the Argo, etc, can be found. Incidentally, Argos Additions became Additions Direct

Argos - UK Shopping Catalogue

Argos Satellite systems - NOAA - also see

Argos Arts

Argos in Ancient Greece

CLS Argos - Satellite Tracking - was - now

Jason and the Argonauts

Argos Systems - Architecture Software - let's hope it's Linux-compatible

Argos Agriculture

Argos - The Toronto Argonauts

Argos Car Hire? - actually it's Argus Car Hire

Argos Therapeutics

I dare say a few more will be located sooner or later and this list will be updated. If you know of any, you are welcome to e-mail, although it may be a while before it can be updated as there's a lot going on at this site. It's not just a shopping portal !