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ICELANDNice picture of an Iceland shop

Frozen Food Supermarket selling groceries and domestic appliances. Iceland now featured at Zyra's affiliate website.

Iceland is a frozen food supermarket in the UK. Frozen food, groceries, domestic appliances, a wide variety of goods are available from Iceland stores around the UK.

There was a time when there was an online affiliate program and you could order groceries online and Iceland would deliver them for you. You could go to the Iceland website at any time of the day or night and even on a Sunday, choose what you'd like to have, and have it delivered to your home at a time that is convenient for you! This is part of the fun of shopping online. (More specifically: You could shop at Iceland.co.uk 24/7 and have your shopping delivered for FREE (minimum order value £40). If you ordered before 3pm and there was a delivery slot available, Iceland could deliver your shopping the next day!)

Iceland (2005): "Iceland is a high street supermarket chain with 760 stores across the UK and Ireland. Over 22,000 people make up the Iceland team, working to bring great products and great services to our customers at value-for-money prices. Our stores are located in busy shopping areas and we are dedicated to making food shopping fast and easy, pioneering services like Home Delivery for customers who shop in store".At Iceland

Iceland Groceries: Iceland's motto is "Food You Can Trust", and there's a lot of publicity given to the fact that Iceland's own-brand foods are all GM-free. So, if you want to buy genetically modified food you'll just have to shop somewhere else. IcelandAt Iceland they say "We take pride in our products. Iceland was the first UK retailer to ban GM ingredients from own-label lines, we don't use artificial colours and flavours in our own-label products, and our food is clearly labelled so customers know exactly what's in the pack". Please note that if you'd like to buy groceries from Iceland, you'll have to make an arrangement to get to the shops, as the online shopping is not currently available (2005/12). Update 2009/05: Well Done to Iceland for reducing the price of Free Range Eggs! This is excellent PR, and a positive vote for animal welfare.

Iceland Appliances: It stands to reason that Iceland's speciality is refrigeration, with such a great selection of home appliances. In the words of Iceland: "Iceland.co.uk offer a wide range of kitchen appliances available at great prices. Customers save ££'s with our great deals and additional online discounts. Services include nationwide delivery, usually within 2 working days, collection of old appliances and aftercare package". It's worth remembering that as well as fridges, freezers and chest freezers Iceland also sell cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. "You can contact the specialists for advice and buy online ... all without setting foot out of your home". Iceland sell a range of branded fridges, freezers and fridge freezers that are chosen with the environment in mind. Iceland: "All our refrigeration appliances use R600a; a gas that is not only harmless to the ozone layer, but also climate friendly. Our intention is to give customers the option to purchase an appliance with the minimum impact on the environment at a price that does not put these products out of reach. By selling only HFC and CFC free products Iceland seeks to encourage manufacturers to invest in sustainable products. The majority of the appliances that we sell have an energy rating of C or above, meaning that consumption of electricity is reduced. This not only helps the environment, but saves you money too". This is, as far as we know, still true, and now there's an Iceland Appliances page to contrast with the old page which is still up.Iceland

More about Iceland:

"Known for our pedigree in frozen food, we continue to develop innovative frozen products that save time and money. But many Iceland stores offer much more, from fresh fruit and veg to groceries, wine and beer. 308 Iceland stores also sell home appliances, with specialist teams ready to help shoppers choose the right fridge or freezer for their home.

Iceland is famous for deals, and for the pride we take in our products. Our own-brand food continues to be made without GM ingredients, artificial colours or flavours. Added services, like our 'Free From' lists for allergy sufferers, help people with specific needs to find the products that are right for them".Iceland

"At Iceland we are dedicated to providing great products at great prices. We believe in variety, choice and value, and work hard to offer practical meal solutions for busy people - whatever their budget".

To find out more, here are the links for visiting Iceland:

Link here for Iceland Appliances * Updated!
Also see old page for Iceland Appliances

Link here for Iceland Groceries

www.iceland.co.uk affiliate program was with Perfiliate and is now with Affiliate Window, for the Iceland Electrical Appliances at least! We live in hope that at some time an Iceland Frozen Foods affiliate program will also be on here! Other electrical shops, food, supermarkets, and shopping outlets are available.

Also see an Iceland customer testimonial which has been online at Zyra's website longer than this affiliate page!

Also WELL DONE to Iceland for sticking with a co.uk domain rather than falling for the dot com conformity problem!

Most of the Information on this page was updated for Issue88 in early 2006, and then it was updated again in April 2008 for Issue116 to include the new affiliate program at Affiliate Window

Update 2011: This page has been without an affiliate link for years, which is a shame because a great many famous shops have affiliate programs. I hope Iceland will resume having home delivery and orders online and an affiliate program. Even the fashion shop across the road, Coneys, now have an affiliate program!

Iceland bags are some of the best supermarket bags in town. These quality bags say on the side "Don't throw me away - reuse me". Such advice is often heeded by customers, as the bags are good enough to reuse to carry stuff around and pack stuff, for years. This is in contrast to some supermarket bags which are so poor that they split or fall apart within a short time.

It would be great to have Iceland back on here with an affiliate program. Shame it's had to be bunged up