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Home Shopping

What is Home Shopping? Is it safe? How can you do this yourself? And a variety of other helpful ideas:

Home Shopping is the activity of buying stuff while situated in one's own place of abode. Since ancient times this has been possible for a privileged wealthy elite who could afford to summon merchants into their palaces to conduct private business. In more recent history, the invention of the telephone brought home shopping to moderately well-off people who, from the comfort of their mansions, could get the operator to connect them to tradespeople who could deliver goods as specified.

Telephony was a major step forward for home shopping as it meant that your could get your butler to phone the butchers and have the butcher's boy deliver half a pig on a bicycle well in time for a gas-lit evening meal the next day.

In the more recent century, an above-average clued-up class of people have computers as their servants,At Iceland and with the development of the Internet, home shopping is available to those of us who would call for their shopping to be done for them "on line", rather than venturing out to go to the shops.

Although going to the shops still has a certain attraction, the idea of it being like hunting your food, and there being a chance to show off your supermarket perambulator driving skills, and various rituals involved in placing items on a conveyor belt etc, the practical availability of home shopping has made it possible to just put in a request by your own command on a computer and have the stuff delivered to you.

To indulge in modern Internet home shopping, you need:

It's also handy to have a helpful website like this to show you some useful ideas and places you can go shopping online, such as at the Shopping Portal

Some people wonder if home shopping by a credit card on websites is safe. Well, this is an interesting question, because it is in effect safe for you provided you take reasonable care. In general, if you do things sensibly, your bank will insure you against unavoidable insecurity online. More? Is buying online safe?

This page about home shopping was originally created as part of a competition in conjunction with Buy.at and the well-known UK frozen food supermarket Iceland, but that was some time ago and pages at Zyra's website remain in the long view and continue to be helpful for years after they were originally made.

It's worth knowing that in the world of home shopping, there's such a thing as "affiliates". Affiliates are there to guide you to visit online shopping places, and are usually helpful and friendly. Zyra's affiliate website tells you in advance about places before you visit them, so it's worth bookmarking. See more famous names, Zyra's website full site index, and some more home shopping places at the Shopping Portal