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Is Buying Online Safe?

What are the Dangers of Buying Online?

Buying online, giving your credit card / debit card number to someone on the Internet, what are the risks? The dangers of buying online? Well I'd got my doubts, but I've looked into this and here's how it works:

There are risks to buying online and the system is not perfect, but you can be confident that you will not be swindled. What happens is that the credit card companies Insure your transactions online! Provided you don't do anything really silly, your card company will insure any losses because of hacking, card-swiping, card-cloning, packet-sniffing etc.

They can afford to do this because the amounts lost in card fraud are small in relative terms to the huge amounts of money moving around the world in honest transactions, and besides they can't afford Not to insure it! Think about it: Supposing you were doing a card transaction on your computer and someone somehow hacked into the link, stole your card number, and went on a spending spree, you'd make a big fuss and go to the newspapers! The bad publicity would be so bad for Public Relations that it would adversely affect the whole world of e-commerce, and would cost the card company much more than if they just paid you the money back.

So, the security is not perfect, but You are safe! One way to think about this is to consider that if you were sailing on a luxury ocean liner, and someone said "the ship's unsinkable", you might not feel so good about it, history being what it is. But if you were told the truth about cruising ocean liners, that they all leak but have adequate pumps to keep the bilge pumped-out, and a multiplicity of onboard gadgetry to counter various perils on the sea, and although they're not unsinkable they all have enough lifeboats for everyone on board and a few to spare, then you could be justifiedly confident in the good safety record of ocean-going travel.

With buying online, such as at Zyra's Shopping Portal and other places at this site, it's worth knowing I've tried to make sure that the companies involved are reputable and that the affiliate link tracking is reliable. But what makes it safe is that the credit card companies have insurance to cover any problems of credit card fraud on the Net. Take a look at what Barclaycard say about it. Also see more about Home Shopping and the history of it, and how you can safely shop from home.

This page is at Zyra's website which has a Shopping Portal where people have been buying all kinds of things for years and have been alright. This page is called "buysafe.htm" because at the time we only had 8 character filenames and it's about Buying Online - Is It Safe? . But, if you've come here to buy A safe, strongbox, or other item of physical security, you should be looking at another page where you can buy safes

If you are using a card (whether it be a pre-pay card or a debit card or a credit card) to buy things on the Internet, you are safe if you are buying from honest places (such as those promoted here). However, you should not reveal your card number to those silly people who write to you in unsolicited e-mails. Also, if you receive a letter which looks like an invoice, read the small-print. Good sense saves you from a great many things. More about this at the Introduction to the Internet