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Strongboxes, safes, locks and keys, chains, burglar alarms, safeguards and other paraphernalia to make sure your possessions remain in your possession rather than stolen.

If you have valuable possessions it's good to have peace of mind knowing your security is good enough to stop thieves being able to take them away. Theft of goods and money can mostly be prevented by having good enough security. Strong boxes, locks, safes, alarm systems, provide a good deterrent to those who might seek to deprive you of your worldly material wealth. Here are a few useful contacts to know...

My Gard

Safe Options


Locks Online

Spy Gadgets 4U

Spy Catcher Online

Awareness Technologies



The Safe Shop

Fly On The Wall

Baby Security

Network Webcams USA

X10 Security - possibly the ultimate in independently controlled burglar alarms! (USA)


Although the company is more famous for double glazing (which is also secure), they've now branched out into security systems

Windows that can't be Smashed-in

ZoneMinder - CCTV camera monitoring security, in Linux

Other useful resources at this site: Crime Fighting, Bank Fraud, How to avoid being robbed in a hotel room, Identity theft and other information security issues, online scams, spyware, computer virus protection, business, and money. Some of the companies in such lines as office equipment and shelving and racking also include safes and strongboxes in their catalogues.

Although security measures cost money, the outlay is worthwhile long-term, and considered less expensive than loss through crime. Also, having good security can sometimes save you money on your insurance!