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Crime-fighting references

Now let's get this right! This page is not about making you stick to arbitrary laws that governments make up, it's about avoiding being a victim of crime, defending yourself against wrong-doing, and also to some extent it's about justice.


FightCrime.co.uk (gone)

Including helpful advice, for example crime / fraud / scams etc - was www.cityoflondon.police.uk/economic-crime/ec-fraud-scams.html

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 uk
Also see Most Wanted - a rogues gallery of the UK's most wanted criminals

Rogues Gallery of suspicious e-mails including the 419 Nigeria Scam

Motorcycle Action Group - was www.mag-uk.org

It's worth knowing that if you install PC Tracker on your computer, then if it's lost or stolen you might still get it back, as the PAL computer program will secretly transmit a signal to an email address of your choice and to our own Internet servers, allowing you to track and locate your computer, anywhere in the world! - was http://hop.clickbank.net/?zyra1/pctracker

Fraud Watchers

Carwatch UK



Locks Online

The Safe Shop

How to stop your mobile phone being stolen

How to avoid being robbed when in a hotel room

Safe Options - Safes, strongboxes, security filing cabinets, etc

Protecting a Laptop from being stolen from in a car

Security and Safes, locks and keys etc

Payphone jammed-up? The Scam Explained

Sat-nav home - how to avoid being victim to a crime so easily


More anti-theft measures at www.totallogicsecurity.com (gone)

Bicycle Frame Numbers

You receive a card through your door saying you have a parcel that needs to be collected, but then you notice the phone number is one of those expensive premium rate phone numbers. Don't phone - it's a Scam! See Parcel Delivery Scam

Operation Scorpion - was www.operationscorpion.org.uk

Nigeria scamsters pretending to be the FBI - who are they trying to kid?

Security Update message from your bank? Or from PayPal? Careful, it might be a hoax! See Bank Hoax e-mails

Rubbish Security and Identify Theft - don't leave confidential waste in your dustbin!

Stolen camera number 0430227773 and a robbery in Belize and subsequent problems.

It's best to be aware of such scams as the cheque scam and the triangulation scam

Does crime pay? It is up to the honest folk and society generally to make sure that crime does not pay. The rationale of whether crime can pay is more subtle than political rhetoric may make out. The idea is in truth, setting up in a life of crime (as if it were a business proposition) should not be economically viable, even if morality is not considered. See: Does crime pay?

International references are welcome. As well as links to crime-fighting sites, there is also scope for research, for example:

In Orange County California, a new option was added to the way in which drink-driving was dealt with. Offenders could opt for the standard punishment, which was two weeks in jail, or they could opt for a day's visit to the morgue plus a talk with relatives of those who had been killed by drunk drivers. Most opted for the no-jail option. Of those who did, only one out of five hundred re-offended.

In the Netherlands, since cannabis was made legal, cannabis use has dropped considerably. But more importantly, criminals have stopped being able to make money out of cannabis, as it's hard to run a black market in something that's not illegal!

E-mail about any of this at this contact. Extra stuff can be added, more research added, and if any of the text needs amending or linking to a better telling of it, CAN DO!