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Carwatch UK
Vehicle Fraud Detection Service

If you are buying a car, wouldn't it be worth spending £10 to have a "search" done (like on a house) to make sure it was OK?

Here's what Carwatch UK have to say about the service: "Carwatch UK – One of the leading UK vehicle data check companies, with the most competitive, all inclusive prices. Using cutting edge technology, Carwatch UK can give a report on all UK registered vehicles, (cars, vans, bikes, etc). The history check will indicate whether it is stolen, an insurance write-off, if it should be scrapped, if there were plate changes and whether the details correspond with those recorded by the DVLA or other related organizations. All this and more".

So, if you'd like to be on the safe side, to find out more...

The Affiliate Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

Car Watch UK  http://www.carwatchuk.com/ had an independent affiliate program. The website appears to have temporarily disappeared, so now this page is bunged up. However, we have other vehicle checkers at the page Car Vehicle Checkers

Then again, if you prefer to take risks and live dangerously, perhaps I can tempt you with some daredevil risk-taking at the GAMBLING PAGE!