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Do you really know the history of the vehicle you are about to buy? Neither do Vcheck, but they can find out for you! Read here to find out more...

"Vcheck is a new service for buyers of used cars, vans and motorbikes supplied by new market entrant Vehicle Data Systems Ltd. At £19.95, Vcheck is the first really affordable service for used vehicle buyers.


For too long consumers in the UK have been paying up to twice as much for a similar service.

Vcheck, automatically checks and verifies all DVLA information about a vehicle and combines this with the write off records from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and official Police (PITO) stolen vehicle data from police forces across the UK.

Vcheck confirms that the vehicle matches the data held by the DVLA and whether or not the vehicle has been stolen or written off. £19.95 is a small price to pay to give people peace of mind and re-assurance.

When buying a used vehicle the purchaser needs to be certain that their investment has not previously been written-off or stolen. Even when buying from a dealer the onus is on the purchaser to ensure they are not buying a stolen car.

Last year(2004) 497,630 vehicles out of around 38 million on the road were written off (source Vcheck ABI Category 1-4 insurance write-offs) and over 350,000 were stolen (source Vcheck PITO). Figures show that every 20 minutes an unsuspecting car buyer drives off having bought a stolen vehicle.

Before you buy it, Vcheck it!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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www.vcheck.co.uk affiliate program did good mainly too, but sadly it's now been bunged up. However, we hope they will start another program again soon. In the meantime please look at other vehicle checkers at this site.