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CameraCanon EOS 350D Digital Camera serial number 0430227773

If you've bought a secondhand Canon EOS 350 digital camera, take a look at the serial number. Canon digital cameras have the serial number on the camera body, but also inside the machine, and the serial number is electronically stamped invisibly into the exif data of every picture the camera takes. So if you bought Canon camera serial number 0430227773, you may be interested to know that it's stolen!

I don't expect to get the camera back, but it would be nice to catch the robbers who stole it. It was a violent crime, and they strangled me and cut me with a knife. There was quite a lot of blood about. It will be many months before I recover, if I recover.

If you have that camera, bearing in mind I don't expect to get it back, I'd like to ask of you a favour: Squeal on whoever sold you the camera! Snitch on them! They'll have to explain where they got it from, and the chain of events has a hope of eventually tracking down the culprits and seeing some justice being done.

a picture of a catCanon EOS 350D digital camera serial number 0430227773 is clearly identifiable by: the serial number on the case, and the fact that every picture it takes has encoded into it the name "Zyra" and/or the camera serial number 0430227773. If you have any image files (img_****.jpg) on your computer, you can check them using "search/find" to see if they contain (in text) that name and/or serial number. Laptop that was Stolen in BelizeAt the time of the theft, the camera also had a distinctive lens cap which was green and had been made from a "Seeds of Change" spice jar lid! Also, the camera strap was unusual tough fabric and had special anti-snatch dog-clips, and a custom-made grip lanyard lightly armoured using chandelier chain. Even at the time, the camera was very well-worn and had taken in excess of nine thousand high resolution pictures in a variety of locations around the world, and there was evidence of such adventure in various minor bits of damage to the body. The camera was last seen at the time of the crime in Belize, a few miles from the border with Guatemala. Also see stolen laptop

You can write in, if you like. e-mail here. Remember: it's not you whom we're out to get!

For a more general resource on the recovery of stolen cameras, see www.stolencamerafinder.co.uk