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Stolen Laptop

a laptop stolen in Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize 2007/05/26

Here's a picture of my laptop which was stolen by masked robbers who strangled me in Belize. It's a distinctive laptop as it is a Philips Freeline and has one key missing, the square bracket key next to the P key. I was originally offering one thousand Belize dollars reward for the return of this computer, and this was announced on Belize national radio. I might still be interested in offering the reward if you get in touch, but please note that the reward is only available if the data is still intact. The data consists of a business information, a travel writing journal, one thousand travel photos taken in Belize with this camera (also stolen at the same time), a few web pages I've created, etc. The laptop was upgraded from a bog-standard PC World naff Microsoft machine, and has both Linux and Windows, as well as a data partition. The wiring is also customised and includes a Dreamland electric blanket junction box, an adaptor for plugging in a mosquito killing machine, and an international power socket converter.

I'll not be buying the replacement computer from PC World as they sold me a piece of cardboard instead of an operating system disc, and some of the staff were awkward when the machine failed to function correctly.

I'll not be emigrating to Belize, not simply because of violent crime, but because of police dishonesty in Belize

There are other tax havens, and there are other places that sell computers. We move on.

The laptop can also be seen in one of the pictures about Coconuts Falling Off Trees