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Places that sell Computers
Shops where you can get a computer. We like it best if they supply and support Linux.

When you're looking into the possibility of getting a computer it's nice if the places hoping to provide you with such a machine are helpful and knowledgeable. There's some wise advice about this, the idea of proper computer shops. One good magic word to know is "Linux".The Linux Logo is a Penguin If you ask the people "Does this computer support Linux?", then, even if you aren't sure what Linux is yourself, the response you get from asking of the question may help you to determine whether the people at the shop have any idea what they are talking about. If you find a place is boycotting Linux, whether because of signing a protectionist cartel contract, or through bad management, my advice is: Avoid. Go to somewhere that's more open-source friendly.

This category is about places which sell computers, and we have tried to list them to help towards the promotion of real computing, rather than box shifting, "who cares after you've taken it out of the shop?!" types of ways of carrying on business. Some people have had some quite telling experiences of "computer shops", so be aware and make wise choices. Good luck!

Ballicom International
Excellent value computers and accessories

A vast selection of computers and accessories

Dell GB
Yes, Dell GB are ok now again on supplying Linux computers. It depends on who you are talking to, but generally the serious business part of DELL will understand about LINUX!

Dell GB Business
Packages for small to medium-sized businesses!

Canon USA
Not computers, but great printers!

Get your new machines specced out with Linux!

Surplus and refurbished machines at bargain prices!

We like Sony and their stylish IT!

Sony Style
The business union of Japan and Canada!

Eagle Computer
Southern hospitality and computer bargains!

Mac Mall
Despite the name, there's lots more than Apples at this site!

Alienware UK
Computers without the destructive force of Sigourney Weaver!

Club Mac
Apples aren't the only fruit at this site!

Sound and Vision as well as computers and digital gadgets of various kinds.

Micro Direct
Fantastic choice on a wide range of computers and products

PC Mall
A wide range of products including Linux compatibles

Edge Tech Corporation
Linux compatible computer upgrades, storage devices, etc

Laptops Direct
New laptops, including some Linux compatibles

Mesh Computers
If you want it, they'll build it!

Computer Planet
The Mancunian computer shop!

Recycled computer products to save you money!

Lenovo UK
Anything that can be done in Canada, can be done in the UK as well!

Laptops for Less
Laptop batteries, accessories and much more!

Dinner jackets for your laptop!

Surplus Computers
The trailing edge of computer technology!

Lenovo Canada
A Canadian computer and accessories company

Hewlett Packard
Computers, digital cameras, digital image technology, ... INVENT!

All sorts of computer odds and ends!

Insight UK
Okay if you are a big fan of Microsoft!

BT Shop
They're a phone shop, but they also sell computers, some of which include Linux

Yes, they also dabble in computers!

Crucial Technology UK
Top notch memory upgrades!

Crucial Technology USA
Similarly good memory products, but in the United States

My Memory
Not our memory, but memory for your machines!

Not a governing body, a site for memory!

You can choose the spec you need, to get the job done!

BBP Bags
Revolutionary laptop bags!

On Sale
As you'd expect with their name, there are computers on sale at their website!

Arista Computers
Ready-mades or they'll sell you everything to make your own!

Desktops, laptops, software and peripherals!

Medion Shop UK
Great bargains and refurbished items!

Ivory Egg
Over 40,000 products and still growing!

HP Small and Medium Business
Not saucy computers for your business!

Log in daily for great bargains!

Seriously Phones
VOIP and Skype handsets!

Because they are cheap, cheap, cheap!

The prices may be radical, but you won't be conned!

The Twister Group
Electrical goods including computer equipment!

BT Business Direct
"a one-stop-shop for all your business computing and networking needs"

7 Day Shop
It might take you this long to look around it!

There may be no need to buy a new computer!

Why buy new, when you can buy refurbished!

Apple Hour
accessories for Apple, PC, and all kinds of things.

Cover your laptop in vinyl!

Crescent Electronics
You'll find lots of electronic goodies at the Crescent!

Tech Depot
You never know what you might find at the depot!

The following ossuary is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:

In Australia, and other places too!

Novatech - Computer Supplies.
"Your One-Stop Upgrade Shop and IT Supplier"
(Note: If you want Linux, opt out of the "Microsoft Operating System" option when ordering. Save money by avoiding the Microsoft cost, then install Linux yourself!)

Morgan Computers
Bag yourself a Linux Bargain!

Fruity little computing numbers!

Award winning hand-built laptops!

Pixmania Pro
Business Network Solutions

Your IT
Business tech made affordable!

IT Solutions for business and the home

Discounted computers, accessories and supplies

We Are Electricals
Even computers as well!

Aria Technology
Loads of computerific gubbins

Tech Fever
Lots of lovely Linux compatible computer components

The German electronics wizards

Bot 5
Electronic magic from HAL!

Price Falls
Bid on computer bits!

Laptop Shop
New, refurbished and second owner laptops

Comp USA
Linux software, operating systems and more!

Planet Micro
The Retail Chain that is also Online

E-Buy-Gum there's loads of stuff at this site!

Very PC
Energy efficient computers!

A gaming store who also sell computer accessories

Trust Store
Lots of snazzy computer bits and bobs!

Computers, peripherals and software!

JBO Solutions
Computer components and parts!

Fruity little computing numbers!

SVP Communications
Everything from CDs to computer hardware!

Memory Bits
Sell bits or rather bytes of memory!

Printers, Scanners and much more - not salts!

AFA Systems
Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Projectors, iPods, and Monitors etc!

PC Breakdown
They'll bust your PC - not really, they will repair it for you!

Miller Brothers
You'd be surprised at what you can find on their website!

Best Priced Brands
Various computer related bits and bobs!

Academic Superstore
Computer related bits and bobs to help with your Studies!

Everyone should have a Chumby for the internet!

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone

Onyx Computers

Computers with Linux, or dual-boot with Linux and Windows, or without an operating system. They give you the choice.
- was http://onyxcomputers.co.uk - please let me know if it comes back.

Cheap used and refurbished laptops, accessories and parts.

We'll be adding a special note on places that are making the eee pc available with Linux.

When you've got a computer, have fun! Computers open up a great many interesting possibilities! Computer programming, the Internet, creative works, international communication, etc. Other relevant items: Memory Shops, Battery Shops, Where to get computer consumables, eee pc, how to recover a hard disc drive, and other things which will be added on here. How about a desk to put the computer on? For that you could look at furniture and office equipment

The Truth In Advertising?: Some of us can't help but be amused at a set of television commercials for a place that flogs computers, where the advertisements imply that the staff training and management of the company is run by the Master of Evil, Darth Vader. For a long time some people have suspected certain places of being entirely unscrupulous and possibly evil in their ways, with staff that are ruled over as if they are slaves in an empire of Evil, but to see Darth Vader being depicted as the chief human resources manager is quite notable, almost as if they are admitting "we are controlled by powers of Evil". Well, you might like Evil, or desire to support it. However, a better response is to have a rebellion, as per Star Wars, and fight the evil empire before it conquers everywhere.

Evil demands absolute unquestioning obedience, and belief in one particular way of behaving. The opponents of Evil, for example Jedi who haven't turned to the Dark Side, are more in favour of individuality. You can test this versus setups, even if they are computer selling places, by seeing if they can cope with unusual ideas. This is where the use of the magic word "Linux" comes in.