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Memory Shops
Places where you can get Computer Memory for various digital gadgets

Some companies have MEMORY as a speciality and are keen to have the latest gigabytes and terabytes at competitive rates. USB sticks, internal computer memory sticks, SD cards, Flash cards, etc. You can shop around and get the best deal. It's up to you. The following is a list of memory shops at Zyra's website:



Yes, but we still remember the old
My Memory page.

Memory Bits

Crucial Technology USA


Memory Card Zoo


7 Day Shop

Direct Foto

although they have flash memory cards, they're more of a
computer ink shop

Gizzmo Heaven

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There is something all of these place have in common, as well as all being memory shops. They are all businesses who are sufficiently reliable and long-lasting that they are featured at Zyra's site. In the business of memory it makes a big difference. This saves you from most of the risk of counterfeit memory! The genuine companies offer appropriate guarantees and they are still there when you look again. They have a reputation to keep up.

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