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http://consumable.ebigchina.com/ - now, apparently Optometrists. We've nothing against optometrists, but the link would initially have got on this page because of being something to do with computer consumables.

Offers quality printer ink, inkjet cartridges, and ink and laser toner cartridges for Epson, Lexmark, HP, Canon and Brother and other printers.

I remember the old days, when fanfold computer paper was a halfpenny a sheet and the ink to put in your Epson FX80 dot matrix printer was about a halfpenny per sheet of printed stuff as well, or even less if you went to the trouble of modifying the printer ribbon cartridge so you could inject Quink (or any other brand of reputable fountain-pen ink into the machine). In the more modern era, printing stuff on computer printer paper got more expensive, and slower, and the printers less durable. However, if you shop around (by such links as those on this page) you could find the computer printer ink doesn't need to be as expensive as some places might have you believe.